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Well, my followers I have a quizz for you today, would you tell me where is this place? And what is it famous for ? :)
@yinofyang you still can join our converstaion ;) it does not end yet ! I was still want to learn more about society of the world, which would never end topic to talk about :)
@moonminyeon Thank you for sharing your experience on this. I actually study about sociology, thus i am always intersted on Marseille case of Europe. As well i am big fan of America multiculture society. I believe Marseile would be a model for many city in Europe as well in America to look up for in case of improving the harmony soceity where all of the race and religious live together :)
@YinofYang next time! That's ok! we kinda got caught up in the conversation lol
Aw, I missed this. :( Hopefully, I'll catch the next one you put up, though it seems from this...I almost feel bad. Like I'm intruding on a conversation that is only privy to certain people. (^_~) It is a beautiful place, though and one I will definitely put on my list of places to travel.
i get what you mean about immigrants, same thing here. Though I wouldn't say violent, but there are some tensions, especially towards arabic people.
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