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1989-10-03 Mr. Kwon was walking towards an old house in the middle of the forest. As he went in, a couple was tied up together with tape over their mouths. They looked at Mr. Kwon with the most scary eyes. Mr. Kwon enjoys what he sees. He took out a metal pipe. "Mr and Mrs. Kang, I hope on your next after life you won't become nosey into things that it's not involve with you. You was a great friend but how I hate people who tries to destroy what's mine. Especially with Jiyong. I hope you will learn a lesson." Mr.Kwon lifts the pipe up in the air, and with force he strikes right across Mrs. Kang, making Mr.Kang watch. Then he strikes again and again. Mr.Kang couldn't do nothing but cry. Mrs. Kang's head laid back to Mr.Kang. She was gone. Mr.Kang laid his head back towards Mrs.Kang. "Finish them and clean up the mess." Mr. Kwon said towards his men. As Mr.Kwon heard those gunshoots, all he did was smile.
Two Months Later ... "Your out of this house, I don't ever want you to be close to Jiyong anymore. He needs to study and he needs to be perfect. But your stupid free spirit bullshit is sickening him." Mr.Kwon said towards Mrs.Kwon. She looks down and tears started flowing down. "you can't do this to me, that's my only son. THAT'S MY BOY!!" Mrs.Kwon screamed. SMACK! Mr. Kwon smacks her ... "Don't you ever dare to raise your voice on me. Your stuff is already set. And I wired you some money. If I found out that you get near my Jiyong, I will kill you." Mr.Kwon walks away. Mrs.Kwon picks her stuff up. And left.
Jiyong was raised by his father only. His father is very strict over Jiyong. He has him study all day and if he messed up, Jiyong will get a beat. Mr.Kwon never let him played outside or even let him smile. One day Jiyong was wondering why his father want him in a certain way. So, Mr.Kwon told little Jiyong that his mother left him because he wasn't perfect, and that's why he should become perfect to destroy his mom. "your mother hated you and dislike you. She never cared for you beside me, is why I want you to become better and you will!" Anger filled inside Jiyong when he heard this. "Is this the reason why. The reason why you left, mom" That's when he decided to follow his father's commands and rules. He wants to destroy his mother in a certain way she will regret for leaving. His mind is set and his heart closed. Days became Months Jiyong was in his teens. One day, he is walking towards school. That's when he saw a boy attacking another small boy. Jiyong ignore it and started walking. As Jiyong passing by, the small boy grabbed Jiyong's pants. "please help me" the boy desperately said. "Let go"Jiyong commanded "Seems like you want a beaten too, since your talking to him" The bully turns towards Jiyong. "I don't know him and LET GO!" Jiyong raised his voice and smaked the young boys hands off of him. Then the bully walked towards Jiyong. Jiyong turn towards his target. When the bully swinged, Jiyong avoid it. Jiyong punched his face and kicked his knee, which made the bully fall to his knees. Jiyong quickly kicked the back of his head. The bully fell to the floor. Jiyong didn't cared if he is dead or not. He just picked up his backpack. "Aish, my bag is ruined" he said Jiyong turned to the younger boy. "your pathetic. Your ain't worth being alive" Jiyong said and walked away.
Years passed by... Jiyong's father passed away by a terminal cancer when Jiyong was 19. He became the way his father wanted. He became a perfectionist and a very famous Fashionista. He even opened a Fashion Line. He became the King of Fashion. He got connected with Channel and had different fashion shows around the world. He has became very popular in London and Paris, especially in USA. But....Many people calls him a Monster. Jiyong is mean and he determines that everything should be perfect, if not your fired. He never gave out second chances to no one. Everyone has one strike with Jiyong, and that's it. He never let a woman touch him. He choose his woman for a night. But he will make sure she will never want to come back. He don't care how harsh his words are, but he enjoys to destroy every women hearts.
Jiyong became a man who seeks more power. He wants to be the most powerful rich man in Korea. Which will have everyone bow down. And he will destroy anyone who crosses his path. But he is more determine to find his mother and destroy her. Even if it takes to dirty his hands. Jiyong's mind is set up to become the Best of the Best. And he won't let no one ruin his Perfectionist.
What can change him? Does he have a weak spot? A boy with a mysterious father and a long gone mother. Will he be able to discover the dirty past and have a change of heart. Or will he be considered the MONSTER!? stay tune.....


the point of making these stories is to twist the characters and just have fun wit it. You will be surprise of TOP character. @CarenBoykins @loftonc16 @Kpossible4250 😎😎
thank you @KpopMom Never know wat will happen next.... The Thriller πŸ˜²πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ @Defy24601 @lovetopia @Maddie27 @lilbr0wneyes
Thank you guys. its an honor to write this and have you guys enjoy it. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– @JackieG1617 @KwonOfAKind
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