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NEW! Barefoot Friends
Funny New Show Kang Ho-dong Yoon Jong-shin Yoo Se-yoon Kim Bum-soo Kim Hyun-joong Yoon Shi-yoon Eunhyuk Uee Watch it on DRAMAFEVER - http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4269/Barefoot_Friends/
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i will watch it nowww... so sad the taping/ trip here in the Philippines is cancelled
4 years ago·Reply
Oh wow, iamBeverLee...that IS very sad!
4 years ago·Reply
i really enjoy this showw question is lee soo hyun the one from My girl drama?
4 years ago·Reply
It's an error! OOPS
4 years ago·Reply
I fixed it - it's Yoon Jong Shin - sorry about that - it's a really cute show.
4 years ago·Reply