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Live recap starts NOW The rating for 1st ep was 12.2%. Let's see if it will increase tonight. JaeJoong's character reminds me of Shin Myun in "Princess' Man" >_< . Let's hope he doesn't have the same ending ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>LIVE RECAP Ep 1</b> <b>Legend</b> Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk: JH Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae: MN/YR Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak: KT Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung: HE Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong: CH ----------------------------------------------------------- At a giseang house, CH is dancing for some noble man and they praise her. KT's dad is among those old men as well. She comes and sits next to him. Why do I feel "MoonSun" evil F4 gang is back? Other unimportant but evil men start talking laughing. CH doesn't look happy hearing what they said. Then a gunshot was fired, police vs. masked men part 2. HE suddenly arrives at the party which darkens the mood for everyone except CH who smiles in amusement as she sees him. He invites himself and sits down, grabs a snack and sips a drink. One of the noble men threw a snack into a pond next to him. HE immediately jumps in, finds the snacks and eats it happily. The noble men are shocked at his reaction and stand up to leave. KT's father trips and hits his head as he's about to leave. HE himself gets out of the pond but is all wet. CH and him seem to be on friendly term. JH takes YR's brother back home. Continues from the ending of last ep. YR asks JH who he is and how did he find her brother. The mother faints. YR tends her mother and instruct the servants to help out. JH takes the brother to a room and put him down. YR rips a piece of cloth and start tending her brother while JH stares at her thinking about MN. The servant bringing something but he said they shouldn't do that. He starts saying something about how to treat the brother but of course they don't understand so he said never mind and leaves the room. YR runs after him and asks what exactly needs to be done to save her brother. JH thinks about all the modern equipment needed to save him and thinks its impossible so he turns to leave. She stops him and kneels down, begging him, please please save my brother, tears falling down her face. He thinks about what MN said b4 she had the accident. He said we don't have enough time, only 30'. He instructed her to get something that can be used to do surgery. He hands her a wooden a hammer and some other things. She's puzzled and starts asking questions but JH tells her if you want to save ur brother just listen to me. KT is in his room polishing his gun and remembers the encounter he had with the masked men earlier when he shot one man but the other escaped. YR is boiling the tools when her mother walked in and asked what she is doing. She saw her putting in hammer and knife into the boiling pot. She starts asking questions and doubt JH. JH hangs his flashlight to make a surgical light. He cleans his hand and put on white cloth around his head and face. He checks what he has in the bag and it seems there will be alright. Flashback to the masked man who escaped. Some police chase after him and one cut him on the head but it didn't kill him. Turned out the masked man was YR's brother. YR comes in and asks what JH is doing and demands an explanation. YR asks if JH can really save her brother and stands up to leave. JH starts by injecting penicillin into the brother's head. He opens up the skin first. this looks quite realistic. Everyone is waiting outside anxiously. Then a servant man came to report something which made everyone shocked. Suddenly the servant girl said JH is the wanted man to which YR asks are you sure. Just as JH, with hammer in his hand about to make a drill in YR's brother's head to relieve the bloodclod, the mother came in and faints. JH screams at them and tell them to get out. YR takes her mother to another room and instructs something to the servant. JH takes out a piece of the skull and tells YR who rushed in saying that her brother is saved now. She takes out a small knife and aims at him. She cuts the sleeve of his arm and he grabs her hand. They struggle and fall on the floor with her on top of him. He remembers the night before with MN. She's shocked and wants to get away from him but he pins her down, now he's on top of her saying her brother will be saved. She said don't lie. He shows her brother's open skull which she refuses to look at and starts explaining what is killing her brother and how he will be saved. JH then starts finishing up the surgery. YR takes a candlelight and start helping him. The police is still looking for the masked man who escaped. KT remembers his subordinates who was killed and mad with anger. JH sew up the brother's man and they finished the OP in the morning. JH looks YR and is reminded of MN again. Mom came in and YR told her the brother is safe now. JH steps outside but is arrested by KT and his men. YR and mom came out asking what's going on. KT told them JH might be related to the masked men. YR tried to stop them but KT takes JH away anyway. On the way to the police office HE saw JH being dragged away and just chuckles. KT questions JH but all he said is that he doesn't know anything. KT then asks where are you from and what are you doing here but JH can't answer those questions. HE is drinking at the gisaeng house and surrounded by the gisaeng. CH came and scares them away. HE complains. When it's just CH and HE they start talking but HE doesn't take her seriously. MN is packing JH's stuff and saw his white coat with his name embroidered on it. She says his name Hyuk Jin (in the past they read right to left). She spotted the ring box and before she opens her servant girl came in. JH is tied up lying facing the ground. KT is looking at the stuff JH has. JH can't say anything. KT got angry and is about to hit him with the wooden paddle. Then his man came in saying YR is here to see him. His expression softens when he saw her, his betrothal. She wants him to let JH go since he saved her brother. KT said he will do something. KT questions JH but isn't satisfied with the answer so he puts JH in prison. HE is at some place gambling with the thugs from first ep. One thug thought he wins but HE got the better card but the police barged in as HE tries to gather his money. HE got arrested and is put into the same cell as JH. After screaming for awhile he realizes JH is here to and starts laughing out loud. HE says something but JH just ignores him then HE starts screaming again. He says do you know who I am, I'm Lee Ha Eung!!! This catches JH's attention and he asks what did u say ur name is. HE repeats and JH's got big, shocked to see who is standing in front of him. He mumbles the King of Joseon…HE silences him saying he cannot talk about the King casually. JH thinks in his head about the man HE will be. YR is tending her brother. HE and JH talk in the prison. JH wonders if he should tell HE the truth that he comes from the future, would he believe him. So he makes up some lies. HE sighs for his story. KT is reporting to his father, Minister Kim. They talk but KT is sitting far away. Minister Kim is angry and slams the table. He takes out a book which seems to be some sort of important book. The father-son relationship is intense. They don't seem to agree on the same thing but KT has to listen to his father and do whatever he is told. JaeJoong's acting is pretty good here. MK said do you know what to do now and KT answers yes bowing. HE is released from prison in the morning. One of the thugs who got taken in with him tried to bribe him so he can get out but he companies its too little. HE told JH he will try to get him out. JH thinks about HE's future. HE walking outside thinking about money he will make. He saw YR's house and sighs. He comes to tell YR and her mother what happened to JH. HE told them they can get him out if they pay money. Mom is uneasy when it comes to money. YR said JH is the person who saves brother so she will try to get money somehow. Mom asks where can u get money. YR says she will manage somehow. HE saw her brother lying in the room and wonders what happens to his head. JH is in the prison takes a sip from a bowl of soup but spits out. The the prisoner fights for the soup. JH thinks about his situation and the area he is in now. MN looks at the JH's ring and thinks deeply (is she gonna pawn it???). Then the servant girl came to tell her KT came bringing something for the house. Mom is happy to see him but YR is not. KT comes to visit her brother. YR brings him tea but as he's about to hold her hand she takes it back which leaves him dumbfounded and embarrassed. He reaches for the tea instead and takes a sip then stands up to leave. YR asks him about JH which angers him. He leaves while she calls after him, my Lord!!! In the morning all other prisoners from the same cell are released except JH. They gave him a good meal (not the last meal before execution right?). HE found an official to help JH but the man refuses. He came to the police department and saw YR begging the guards to see JH but is turned away. HE talks to her and tells her to wait a bit while he's trying something. JH is in the cell not touching his food and just thinks about what's gonna happen to him. Then he suddenly saw YR and is surprised. He stands up and comes to her. She starts talking. He asks how is her brother. She's tearing up as she tells him (why?). She asks him about his stuff that he leaves at the house and about the white coat that has his name Hyuk Jin. He corrects her saying it's Jin Hyuk. She tells him her name in Yong Rae, Hong Yong Rae. She gave her his ring which makes him remember his convo with MN in their apartment. They talk as he carries her to bed. He's just sitting next to her as she falls asleep (meh). He takes the ring out from the place he hides it. End flashback. JH asks YR if she can hang on to it now. She's reluctant but take it anyway feeling uneasy. They suddenly hear a drum sound. JH is being taken somewhere, tied up, in a wooden portable cell on the street. HE sees but all he does is chuckling. CH came to him and teases him. She walks with him as they are talking and other 2 gisaeng walking behind her. YR coming to see JH. KT glares at her seeing her obvious worried look. She looks away. As the cell passes by she looks at JH and they exchange looks. Her girl servant came running telling her her brother is awake. She ran back home asking if he feels alright then says she has something to tell him. At the execution place, JH is about to be beheaded (for real?). KT announces the reason and dramatic music starts playing. Just as the executioner is about to behead him, JH stands up which shocks the crowd. He starts to reason with them, why they think of human's life lightly. Minister Kim start getting a headache. KT comes to him and they argue. Dramatic music stops as YR and her brother make appearance. YR's brother says JH saves his life and takes off his hat which revealed his wounded head to show how he was saved even after he got cut. KT is shocked. The official announces something saying they should continue the execution. YR and brother are at lost about what to do. Minister Kim yells what are you doing, do it now then he faints and everyone rushes to his side. END PREVIEW JH offers to save MK. KT points his gun at JH. The town is stroked with some infectious disease. JH and YR walking together then suddenly they saw a man collapse and vomits. JH turns to YR saying they need to help him but YR has fallen on the ground in shock realizing what symptom it is.
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