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Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Warning; This is very descriptive and is not for all audiences. It has violence and language. Read at your own consent. At some point, everything was fine. They didn't have to worry about being killed, they didn't have to worry about growing up. They were, after all, just kids. All they just worried about was a scraped knee and who got the last cookie in the jar. They didn't care about anything else. They were happy little kids. Always running here and there, trying to see who can jump the highest, or who can eat the fastest. They didn't have to worry about forever, because they were just children. That is until one night. Jimin, the son of the Park family, was taken to a small closet, where he was told to hide. "Your father and I love you very much." His mother said and with a hug and a kiss to the forehead she was gone. Jimin heard screams and gun shots downstairs and then his mother pleading. Two more gun shots and then silence. He immediately ran out of the spacy closet and went downstairs making sure not to make any noise. He saw his father and mother sprawled out on the floor. His father, gasping for air, took notice of his 10 year old son by the stairs and mouthed one word. 'Run.' His fathers' eyes then closed and his chest stopped moving completely. Jimin did what he thought was right. He got out of his hiding spot by the stairs and ran to the kitchen. He grabbed the kitchen knife and went near the first man who was looking at some antique things the Park family owned. Because he was flexible, he was able to get on top of the counter without any problems. The man, oblivious to Jimin, passed right by him. He gulped when he felt something pointed against his neck. Jimin, without any hesitation, sliced the mans' neck and blood sprewed out staining Jimin. The man turned and looked at Jimin, Jimin had a poker face on, but anyone can tell he was enraged. The man fell to the ground, lifeless. The second man, hearing the sound made his way towards the kitchen, he was met with his friend on the floor and a small child was on the counter glaring at the man. How can a small child kill a 6'1 man? The man didn't have enough time to think as he saw Jimin jumping off the counter and running towards him. Knife still in hand. Jimin knew that the man would probably want to kick him, since that's what he has seen in movies so he made sure to look at how and where he's going to aim. He saw his right leg move a bit back. When Jimin was close enough he jumped up before the man can do anything and stabbed him in the stomach. The man stumbled backwards and Jimin kept stabbing the man until he didn't move any longer. He dropped the knife at his side and got off of the man stumbling towards his dead parents. He laid in between them and closed his eyes. Asking himself, 'Did I do right? And what will happen now?' ~~ Hoseok, the son of the Jung family, quivered away and stayed hidden in the closet at the end of the hall, scared to even make a squeak. He heard gun shots. 5 to be exact. Terrified to even move he stayed still as he heard footsteps. He heard the front door open and close with a loud thud. He waited a few seconds and finally got out of the cramped closet. He walked slowly into the living room his legs shaky, afraid of what he might see. He walked into the living room and saw his parents bleeding out. His father, still gasping for air. He saw his sons' tear stained face and called out to him. "Son,.. go out in the world... with.. a smile on your face... don't let others bring you down.. share smiles everywhere you go... and remember.. your mother.... and.. I.... love... you.. so.. much.." His fathers' chest stopped moving and his panting was no longer heard. Hoseok closed his eyes hoping that this was all just a dream. That when he opened his eyes his father would be right outside his door asking Hoseok if he wanted to play ball. That his mother would be in the kitchen baking cookies for the three of them. He opened his eyes, and nothing happened. His parents still bleeding out, he felt his knees go weak and fell forward into his fathers' corpse. As he landed, everything went black. Two boys, lost their parents on one November night.
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Jhope!!! your still my hope damn even though it's fake it felt real I must read the rest tag me please
So good!! Jimin, so valiant, and poor JHope oppa 😣😞
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