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Day 2 Ultimate Bias

I couldnt pick 1 cuz I have 2 and i wont choose whose best cuz they both have a very very special place in my heart ❤❤ 오빠사랑해요

BTS Min Yoongi (Suga)

He's a dork i gotta admit that and he's so adorable like look at his face omgawwd i cant deal with him at time especially when he's rapping and performing gahhh
His face is cute and idk anymore what to do abt him?? *Slowly Dies*
His mint green hair is goals ❤❤ Mines a pastel pink LOL

IKON Bobby

His rap is amazing....I became a fan when watching Show Me The Money 3 and thats how i found out about Ikon...His jawline dont get me started i could go on and on abt it He's frkn adorable especially when he smiles
His smile and his eyes are like omgawwd stop bobby why i doing dus to me ❤ He's perf <3
Dayum hotness and cutness overload Lol im fangirling to much over him haha I NEED HELP!!!
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