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{ A/N - This fanfiction was taken from my Wattpad. My username is @/turntuptae } “I got Kim Taehyung!” “Jung Hoseok for me!” “Oh please, I’m the luckiest here! I’m with Park Jimin!” Everyone in the room was shouting out the names of the most popular boys in school, neatly written on small post-it notes drawn from a hat. What was going on? Well, you were a part of the school’s newspaper club, and this week was all about interviews. “Hey [Y/N], who did you get?” A fellow peer asked. “Oh uh, I didn’t check my paper yet..” You trailed off, unfolding the small note and taking a glance. You paused for a moment. Shit. “Well, who is it?!” Before you knew it, the paper was snatched from your grip and read out loud. “Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Captain, Min Yoongi! Woah, lucky!!” She cheered. No. You were the opposite of ‘lucky’. You and Yoongi had recently broken up, or rather, he dumped you. Now, there couldn’t be anything more awkward than having to interview him about his life. “Alright everyone, the interviewees have all agreed to meet up with you here after school tomorrow. Please have your questions prepared by then.” The club director stated, then dismissed the meeting. As you walked home, you simply couldn’t stop thinking about what tomorrow would be like. Out of all students, why him? Why did you get stuck with the one that crushed your heart mercilessly?
The next day, the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. You made your way through the halls and to the club’s meeting room, seeing many of your fellow members already there. On one side of the room stood the line of seven boys in their position of interviewees, all looking handsome as ever in their school uniforms. Each boy was well known and loved for a different aspect. Once everyone settled in, the director organized everyone with their interviewer, sending them to a separate area to work quietly. You and Yoongi were assigned to work in the gym. How fitting, you thought. “Alright,” you sighed and looked over at him, clicking your pen. “First question, what is your role as the team captain of the Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team?” Yoongi stared at you, unhesitatingly answering the question with a wide, cocky grin. “Easy! Being the coolest guy on the team and leading everyone to victory!” You rolled your eyes at his ego, writing down his answer verbatim on your clipboard. “Okay, next question. How long have you been playing basketball?” Yoongi thought for a moment, leaning back on the bleachers and putting his feet up on the row in front of him. “I’d say several years ago..Of course, I was basically an expert by the time I first held the ball in my hand.” He smirked. You began to grow annoyed at his boastfulness, but at the same time, it brought you back to the days where you two were together. You remembered how his overly confident attitude always made you laugh as you always responded with a tease. You shook your head slightly, snapping yourself out of your painful thoughts. “Okay,” You mumbled, writing only the first part of the reply. “Why did you begin playing basketball in the first place?” The boy paused for a moment, his smirk replaced by a more serious visage. “Well?” You asked after an awkward silence. He pursed his lips, glancing away for a moment. “I wanted to impress a girl…” He mumbled quietly. “I-I wanted to impress…you." His words resonated in your ears, making you cough uncomfortably. You turned back to the questions, deciding not to use that one in your article. “So, what is your main strategy for your winnings?" “You. I think of you.” He stated clearly, showing more confidence in his answers. “Onto the next question!!” You interjected. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” “Happily living in a big house with my son and wife, [Y/Full/N].” Your cheeks heated up at the answers he was giving, deciding to straightforwardly confront him. “Min Yoongi, cut the shit already.” The words came out harsher than you intended, but you continued on nonetheless. “You’re the one who dumped me! You said you were too busy for me! You said you didn’t need me anymore!” You found yourself standing up with tears pricking your eyes, your throat feeling sore as your voice got louder with each sentence. Yoongi stood up, stepping closer to you. “I know. I was just really stressed out at the time, okay? I had tons of basketball games and practices, piles of homework each night, and mid-terms were coming up. It was really difficult, okay? I thought I would hurt you and make you think I was ignoring you, when instead I was just extremely busy. So I dumped you, because I wanted to refrain from giving you too much pain.” “Refrain from giving me too much pain?” You repeated his words with furrowed eyebrows, tears falling down your cheeks. “Do you know how many nights I spent trying to figure out what I did wrong?! How many times I’ve tried to understand why you suddenly dumped me out of the blue?! I spent two hundred dollars on your Christmas present, and now that same present is collecting dust in my closet, because you left me just the week before!!” You finished off, tears turning into an emotional sob. Yoongi stared with hurt in his eyes, his bottom lip quivering in guilt. “[Y-Y/N], I’m sorry, okay? I just want things to go back to how they were. I was an idiot. Just.. please.” He begged. “How am I supposed to trust you? For all I know, this could all be some stupid prank you planned wi-” Before you could finish, Yoongi grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you close, his lips planting onto yours passionately. You immediately placed your hands against his chest to push him away, but ended up giving in to his tempting kiss. After the intoxicating action, he slowly parted from you. “I don’t play hurtful pranks on the ones I love most.”

So? What did you think? Please feel free to leave some constructive critisism in the comments! I'm open for requests, and maybe even a part 2 to this if people would like! ♡♡♡♡♡

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@linzi0302 @Ercurrent @Kyokeo @KellyOConnor thank you so much everyone!!
I think I would have punched him in the face...haha which means you did a great job and I was totally invested
@turntuptae thank you 😘
@P1B2Bear Here's part 1!
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