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Not a great picture but forgive me I'm rusty. I was scrolling through vingle as i do and i saw something about Rap Monster and him putting himself down. It's been a pretty hard year for all of BTS. They've been crazy busy then lately quite a few of them have been in the hospital including Namjoon. Rap Monster is my personal bias in BTS (don't get me wrong i love them all) and there's good reason for it. He is incredibly intelligent and he is a good leader for the group. He is an amazing musician and song writer and should be acknowledged as such. He is one reason that BTS has moved up to probably my second favorite group ever. BTS has the potential to be a huge force- heck they already are but they could do even more. They could not do what they do if they lost even one member. So when you show love to BTS don't forget Namjoon and for God's sake don't tell him to leave the group.