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~~ intro ~~
They always say " New Year, New You! " so why does it feel like the first day of kindergarten again? It's 2016 for goodness sake. You keep looking at the notification on your laptop. *you have received an email from BigHit Entertainment* there are only two ways this can go and both terrify you.
You: Yoon-Hee can you do something for me?
Yoon-Hee (roomate): sure (Y/N), but only if you make dinner!
You: Deal! Can you check my email please?
Yoon-Hee:...is that it? Well... okay.
Yoon-Hee:...Welp congrats on being the tutor for BigHit and you start tomorrow!
You: OMO! I can't believe it! Now prepare yourself for the BEST DINNER EVER!
~~ Next morning ~~
Today is the day that will change my life forever! Sure this job has nothing to do with my major, but at least it is something that involves the 7 young men that have impacted my life in recent years. The email explained that I will be interacting with BTS and I just can't wait! Will they mind that I am not Korean? Who cares? I made it to Seoul on my own, I taught myself Korean and passed the TOPIK nothing can break me...Except for those fangirls surrounding the entrance to the building. I did not think of this oh well time for some ninja action.
You: Hey is that RAP MONSTER?!?! ( I say while pointing down the street? )
Random fangirl: What where?!?!
They all run down the street after an invisible NamJoon. Walking into the building you show the receptionist a print out of the email and she directs you to a room upstairs and as you approach a very familiar shriek is heard through the closed door of a dance studio.
???: Ya J-Hope be quiet while I am trying to sleep!
Oh dear God I am soo not ready for this!
* I hope that you enjoyed this sorry about the length but I figured for part one short is okay. Stay tuned *
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