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Help me make a K-Rap playlist.

So I'm back (after a few months, but time is irrelevant) and want to ask this community something! I was recently (like right now literally. It's still playing) listen to Jay Park, and the next suggested on YouTube was a guy I'd heard of, but never listened to (Locomotive) and I was like "why have I not heard this before!!" So now I want to ask my lovely Vingle family for artists and songs I can add to my newly forming playlist. I know of a few that will be the base of my new playlist (Jay Park, PO, TOP, GD, Zico, Locomotive) but I really need more!!! I'm trusting that my vingle fam can get me even further in the right direction. Specifically Rap. Didn't think I'd ever enjoy it as much as other KPop music. See ya later, lovelies!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Dok2 definitely , San E is a good one , Basterdz , Cohorts(Keith ape , Okasian , Jayallday , B-free is really amazing listen to mind cooler or hot summer , reddy etc) the Quiet , Kohh (not khiphop but still amazing) rapmonster
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