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Ben has signed up to take the Live Below the Line challenge next week. For at least one full day, the big star will keep his food and drink costs below what many pay for just a 12-ounce can of soda. And it's all for a very good cause -- he'll be raising awareness and funds relating to extreme poverty for The Global Poverty Project, which, according to its website, aims to "increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to see an end to extreme poverty." $1.50 is considered the accepted global figure to define the problem. Affleck is joined by Sophia Bush, Josh Groban, Debi Mazar, and Hunter Biden in this attempt to better understand the kind of hunger and difficulty faced by more than 1.4 billion people worldwide. We're expecting to see the 40-year-old, as well as his counterparts, tweeting their experiences, as well as what they're eating and drinking, throughout next week on their personal accounts, as well as @LBLUS. "Last year we had over 15,000 people participate, and raised over $3 million," Michael Trainer, U.S. Country Director of The Global Poverty Project, said in a statement. "We're excited to leverage the support The Global Poverty Project has received from the campaign last year, and the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park." cr;yomg
$1.50! man! thats nothing i'd just get a loaf of bread and I'd be happy.. not a challenge in any way!
Yeah...this doesn't seem to be a challenge to me. At all. I mean, that's fine and good that it's for charity...I just find it hard to see how a celebrity could really be challenged by this.
@blairwitme lol they usually have those organic food stuffs which cost a fortune.. so I don't exactly know how this works
that won't be too difficult or some celebs.. they'll just consider it a diet regimen or something
1.50 a day but living in a multi-dollar mansion.. . Hhhmmm