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Hey guys!!! So Bambam won the last vote for GOT7 and Youngjae will be the last card of GOT7 so look forward to that card!!! Enjoy this Bambam card though!!! XD ( Credit to owners )!
Ok guys so now we are going to start the vote for the next band you guys want to see. No voting for BTS or GOT7 as I have now done both of these bands. So leave a comment below to vote for which band (boy or girl) you guys want to see member cards of next and if you want to be tagged for these cards in the future!!! Thanks guys and remember that every vote counts!!! XD @MadAndrea @EmilyGardner @torchix @SusiBosshammer @AnnieGoodman @AikoPalman @yeniyx23 @GDsGF @TesneemElAlami
"Five minutes ago you just threatened to twist Yugyeom's nipple so hard they would fall off" lmao. I think my favorite thing Bambam said was on an episode of ASC where he says, "How do you know it's not big?"
@Lexxcisco Yes thanks so much I saw you have a card for mostly all the members. so that's why I asked.. but they were only showing in kpop community. .but thanks so much..
@luna1171 Yeah no problem! I hadn't even joined the community yet believe it or not so I am glad you said something so I could post them up there for all the GOT7 lovers to see 😄😃
@Lexxcisco for this card is showing up now I haven't checked the other ones.. but thanks a lot.. I asked only cause GOT7 community won't see it if you don't published it there too.. thanks again..
@luna1171 I think I got them published but if they don't show up let me know and I will try it again! 😄
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