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Will they having a great chemistry in Heirs..???
I'm so curious...But I'm sure that Lee Min Ho have a great trick to builds chemistry with his Co-Star in every drama that he played. Just like in Faith, he has a very great chemistry with Kim Hee Sun who have an age gap with Min Ho about 10 years, but it's really meaningless for them. And time to time I adorable the Imja Couple so much.
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totally agree with you, I think he'll do well with HSP but imja couple will always be the best and number one for me! their great love, their looks, and their great chemistry will be memorable! they made me crazy in love!!
kyssmin, yesss...we are imja couple fans...nothing's gonna change my love for them... ^^
Oops what I meant is her and Minho are good in acting so I think they will be great together