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2pm performed for 110,000 fans in their 'Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome' and are preparing for their Korean comeback in May. During the concert, Nichkhun shed tears while reflecting on his DUI incident last year. 2PM‘s Nichkhun reflected back on his DUI incident and shed tears. He said, “You must have had a hard time because of me“, but then had a hard time speaking because of his tears. He managed, “I’m so thankful that you still believe and love me. When I go back to Korea, I’ll give back by working hard and having a great comeback. I love you.” He also apologized in the press conference before the concert, stating, I had a lot of thoughts during my hiatus. I realized what I did was very wrong. Anyone can make a mistake, but making the same mistakes repeatedly is wrong. I really wanted to see my Korean fans. What I did was very stupid and I will make sure that it never happens again. I’m going to work hard to meet Korean fans. (translation of what he said is from allkpop) Oppa fighting! You just need to show to everyone that you are changing to become a better person. Hottest will always be behind you!!
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Oh nooooooo. Oppa don't be sad
hes really sweet!!
what dd he du???
@relinashinee He was charged for Driving under influence (having alcohol in his system) last year and since then has been on hiatus. But he's coming back!!!
ngawwww... hope he learns from iht... goh, i really love his voise :D