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SBS’ “All About My Romance” is a lot of attention from abroad. So much so that the U.S. tv network CBS visited the "All About My Romance" production site on April 18 and interviewed the drama’s deputy director, Kim Young Sup. Also, the CBS crew visited the filming site to document both on and off camera actions. During the interview, CBS and Kim Young Sup discussed some of the primary factors behind the international popularity of Korean dramas. The interview lasted almost two hours. A staff member of the CBS crew commented, “We came to investigate why and how Korean dramas are reaching out to audiences all over the world. Since ‘All About My Romance’ combines politics and romance, we are very interested in this particular production.” “All About My Romance” is a romantic comedy about two members from the ruling and opposition political parties who begin to secretly develop a romantic relationship under the surveillance of the entire nation. What does this mean? Are Korean dramas finally becoming mainstream in the US?!?!?!? Are you excited?
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this would be amazing! They need to do this! And do more too! ^^ <3
Air them, but don't have anything to do with their direction/production in anyway, k?
They should totally put dramas ok CBS