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Ilove when Kevin sings ^_^
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yay fot more ukiss in da house! Where are you guys from? uBEAT is coming to Taiwan and Ukiss to Colombia and Mexico
And I agree SH's voice has a certain sadness in it... while Kevin's more cheerful for me... they are unique on their own and we love them both ^___^
@France! where there's nothing going on -_- But apparently it's the 1st europen country to receive well kpop so i hope for more concerts!
I think JYJ and SJ went to France last year or something right are you into them?
yeah there was the music bank in Paris I think. Not really, JYJ I don't really listened to them and SJ I listen to them from time to time. Weirdly, II happen to like less popular bands? I don't know why, it always happens :)