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My first anime

Samouri Jack was the first anime i watched allthough at the time i had no idea that it was anime. when i was a very young kid it was my favorite thing to watch.
Yu-Gi-Oh was the first anime i watched on TV tho i never really got into it
it came on after winx club
i didn't even know anime untill i was 13, i watched but i never knew it was anime, From Up On Poppy Hill opened my eyes and definitely got me addicted
The first anime series i watched (knowing it was anime) was kill la kill lol it was so much different than anything i ever watched. the action was great and so where other things lol.
we should be friends because we r awesome and alike
You listed my first and favorite anime. Awesome
First animes were DBZ, Pokemon, Digimon and Inuyasha
Agree lol
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