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Jets lose to Bills, eliminated from playoffs

This one hurts.

The Jets, who had won 5 in a row to rescue their season after beginning it 5-5, had it all set up for them to make the playoffs this year.

All they needed was a win against lowly Buffalo to secure their playoff birth and it wouldn't matter what else happened - Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and the rest were all irrelevant if the Jets got a win.
But one man stood in the way:

Former coach Rex Ryan.

Rex wanted more than anything in the world to play spoiler vs. his old team and keep the Jets out of the playoffs. I guarantee it. He pulled out all the stops in the Bills' 22-17 win over New York on Sunday and got the job done. Trick plays, using all four downs, you name it - Rex tried everything. He wanted this one, and his aggressive game plan worked out and became the Jets' demise.
True, this should have been an easy game for the Jets. But anyone who knows the Jets' history knows that the Jets specialize in heartbreak.

I could have scripted this, to be honest: the Jets have a great run, get everyone excited, and then come crashing down in spectacular fashion at the very last moment.

It's painful. And they have no one to blame but themselves.
To make things even worse, the Jets' superstar lineman Mohammad Wilkerson broke his leg toward the end of the game. I'm sure he'll be OK by the beginning of next season but it makes this worse that much worse.
It's back to the drawing board for the Jets. It's going to be a long summer for a team that came so close to the playoffs. I'm not sure if they deserved to make the playoffs at the end of the day, but it feels awful to come up short after what was a really entertaining and positive season.

Better than anyone expected? Oh yeah. Good enough? Nope.

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Trust me @jeff4122 no excuse. They should of made the playoffs. They should of won a couple of games that they lost to a few easy teams. Should of, would of, could of I guess. I'm getting sick of saying this but there's always next year.
Honestly the Jets did way better than I expected. Unfortunately, it came down to those games against the Bills and they fell short. I'm sure they'll be learn from this experience and come back stronger than before next fall.
10-6 is a great season but man was I broken hearted after this one. I haven't been this disappointed in a sports team since the 07' and 08' Mets. Like you said it's going to be a long summer, not just for the team but for the fans. To sit and watch the playoffs while knowing we should be in it is going to be rough. That being said can we admit that the NFL playoff picture is broken? Maybe if it was a little more like basketball we wouldn't have to worry about losing to the bills.
Rex Ryan......he's been the center of all the Jets problems this season haha
@TylerDurso exactly my man
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