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What Line Are You In? Challenge

Thanks @yewookyu for tagging me to do this! There will only be male idols seen as I don't know any girl groups....

So I am a '96 liner!! woo!

I was born on February 29th 1996.

I am 19 (20 soon) in international age which would make me 21 in Korean age. Now I feel old....
So first idol iiisss......

Monsta X's I.M!

(who is also my bias!) I.M was born on January 26th. Which makes him a month and 3 days older than me! I.M does not look 19.. He looks like he is in his 20's and I would have never guessed (if I didn't know already) that he was the maknae!
Next isss.....

Romeo's Yunsung, Milo and Minsung!!!!

Yunsung was born on March 19th. Milo was born on August 20th and Minsung was born on December 24th. So I'm older than all of them!! Yunsung has that cute look about him which kind of makes him look young. I think he does look his age and has a kind of baby face. Milo looks younger than he actually is but I think that is just because he has such a baby face! Minsung has a slight baby face but kind of has the same looks as S.Coups from Seventeen. So in all respect he looks older than he actually is.
Next we have......

Up10tion's Kogyeol, Wei, Bit-to, Wooshin and Sunyoul.

Kogyeol was born on May 19th. Wei was born on June 8th. Bit-to was born on August 24th. Wooshin was born on October 27th and last but not least Sunyoul was born on November 6th. Kogyeol.. now he does not look like he is a '96 liner at all! He has the face of a 22-23 year old! He does not possess the baby face! at all! Wei again does not look 19...... What is with Up10tion and looking older than they actually are!? Bit-to is a cutie but he does look his age. Maybe even older. I don't know. Wooshin and Sunyoul are cute and I have the same opinion about them as Bit-to.

Seventeen's Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Woozi.

Jun was born on June 10th, Hoshi was born on June 15th, Wonwoo was born on July 17th and the cutie Woozi was born on November 22nd. Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Woozi do not look 19.... If you disregard Woozi's height then they all look like they should be in their 20s. None of them really have baby faces... In my opinion anyway.

Uniq's Seungyeon!

Seungyeon was born on August 5th. Seungyeon... Like this boy cannot be 19... no... He looks to mature to be born in 1996.

Akmu's Chanhyuk!

Chanhyuk was born on September 12th. He's a cutie and along with his sister he does look very young. I would say he looks the age he is.

Got7's Youngjae!

Youngjae was born on September 17th. Psch... You my good sir certaintly don't act your age sometimes. like calm down. You're cute but damn you can be sexy.

B.A.P's Zelo!

Zelo was born on October 15th. Ever since Young Wild and Free came out this boy does not look 19. Back in 2014 he looked his age but now.. Psch no...

Lastly Ikon's B.I!

B.I or Hanbin was born on October 22nd. B.I really does look his age. although sometimes he may not act like it his face looks like a 19 year olds face.
So these are all the male idols I could find that were born in 1996. As the picture says '1996. A star was born!' That's it! The End! Hope it wasn't too boring.
@LenaBlackRose @ninjamidori Woo!!! '96 liners!!!!!!!
'96 liners for life!!! :D
'96 Line!!!!
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