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Photographer Ayie Permata Sari Site [http://www.fotografer.net/galeri/] "Situ Gunung Natural Park which has an area of 100 hectares is a nature conservation area part of the intensive use zone of Gunung Gede National Park Pangrango, located in Sukabumi - West Java - Indonesia In addition to having beautiful scenery of natural forest and plantation forest, natural attractions Situ Gunung has a very interesting place to visit, such as : waterfalls Cimanaracun and waterfalls Curug Sawer."
love the light coming thru the trees, great shot indeed (*_*)
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Yeah, makes me want to curl up in bed and sleep...wait, what? Hahahaha1
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yes, its soo surreal that its makes you feel like you're in a dream.....
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It does. Wish all my dreams were beautiful like that.
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