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step 1:name as many as you can step 2:if you were able to bring any anime character to life who would it be and what would you do to them step 3:go back to what ever you were doing
@tayhar18920 no problem mabey I will post more stuff similar like this to see if anyone carries a similar amount of knowledge you own
@tayhar18920 don't matter to me but give yourself a round of applause you did great my freind
65 idk 66 forgot name and anime 67 chobits frog it name 68 idk 69 grell from black butler 70 grimmjow from bleach 71 Levi from snk 72 idk 73 idk 74 kirito from Sao 75 natsu from ft 76 forgot 77 luffy from one piece 78 know name and anime but can't think of it from some reason ☹ my mind went blank 79 idk 80 todora forgot characters name 81 can't see clearly 82 can't see hardly at all 83 from future diary forgot name 84 forgot name 85 ceil from bb 86 from ergo proxy forgot name
1 Lucy from elfein lied 2 gray from fairy tail 3 I can't see clearly 4 soul from soul eater 5 ichigo from bleach 6 Izaya from durarara 7 gara from naruto 8 miskia from aot or snk 9 idk 10 Sebastian from black butler 11 itachi from naruto 12 can't see clearly 13 from cowboy bebop (forgot his name ) 14 seen the anime didn't like it so I dropped it 15 idk 16 haru from free (I think) 17 saber from fsn 18 from deadman wonderland (forgot name) 19 idk 20 forgot her name and anime 21 can't see clearly 22 shizuo from durarara 23 can't see clearly 24 from full metal panic ( forgot name) 25 forgot name and anime 26 mustang from fma 27 lelouch from code geass 28 rukia from bleach 29 from fate stay night (forgot name) 30 erza from ft 31 Ed from fma 32 can't see clearly 33 forgot name and anime 34 kid from soul eater 35 black rocket shooter 36 steins gate (forgot name) 37 can't see clearly 38 Kyo from fruits basket 39 from darker than black ( forgot name) 40 idk 41 forgot name and anime 42 ichigos other half from bleach 43 jellal from ft 44 idk 45 idk 46 haruhi from the melody life of haruhi shizuioa (I can't spell) 47 idk 48 samurai champloo forgot name) 49 like I said dropped this anime 50 al from fma 51 idk 52 like I said dropped this anime 53 can't see clearly 54 sailor moon from sailor moon 55 idk 56 forgot her name and anime 😞 57 idk 58 can't see that well looks like L from death note 59 can't see well 60 zoro from one piece 61 forgot name and anime 62 forgot anime and name 😅 63 can't see well 64 madara from naruto
taiga would be the one I pick and I would replace my brother for her
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