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Following the last broadcast of The King 2Hearts, the MBC blog, Cupitter, posted several photos of the wrap-up party for the drama. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won sat next to each other, as Yoon Jae Mun, the actor who played Kim Bong Gu, was seen in deep conversation with a staff member. The other supporting actors who helped the drama shine were also seen. Lee Yoon Ji also tweeted, “The day of the last episode and the wrap-up party. I got an award! Lee Yoon Ji Gallery sent me an award and a present. It’s as special as an end of the year award. I’m about to cry.”After keeping the peace between North and South Korea, Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, and the cast of MBC’s The King 2Hearts gathered for a wrap-up dinner to celebrate the ending to another incredible chapter. The cast looked tired and sad to say good bye, but happy to have completed the series. Src: enewsworld, baidu
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the former king? he's alive :)