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Photographer Phil Mack Site [http://philipmack.co.uk/] "The Falkirk Wheel is an exceptional feat of modern engineering and is already being recognized as an inspirational sculpture for the 21st Century. Designed to reconnect the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal and sited in a natural open amphitheater at Rough Castle near Falkirk. This remarkable and elegant mechanical marvel is the only rotating boat-lift in the world and truly one of a kind.The Falkirk Wheel can carry eight or more boats at a time with a single trip taking about 60 minutes and providing an unforgettable experience and great 'day out' for all the family."-[http://www.falkirk-wheel.com/]
interesting very.....
I know! I've never heard of this before. Like you said, we learn something new every day. :D