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Update on my trip to Korea and Japan

First of all, sorry for not being active for the past few days. For some reason vingle wasn't posting any of my cards even after uninstalling and downloading it again and my laptop is currently being fixed. I tried posting my responses to the name challenge and the what line are you challenge but I ended up getting really pissed off because none of them would post. Hopefully this one actually posts...
Anyways, a few months ago my mom decided that instead if going to Vietnam this summer we might be going to Korea and Japan instead. I asked her about the trip yesterday because I haven't seen her look at tickets yet and I sort of figured that the trip was off. Which it sort of is, I think. My mom said that my dad said that we're not going anywhere this summer BUT she was still going to look for tickets for this summer. So hope is not completely lost yet guys! The chances are slim, but it can still happen. Gotta stay positive, right?
Even if we don't go this summer I'll definitely be making a trip within the next five years. I'm currently looking for a job so I can start working again (I had to quit my last job because I was too busy with SAT/college apps/finals) and my brother is going to be working for a super pac of a certain big corporation and he and I made an agreement to save as much money as possible so we could go to Korea and Japan together in 2020. Why 2020? Because of the summer Olympics in Tokyo of course. Either way, I'm determined to go to Korea at least once in my life.
Also, for those of you who are going back to school tomorrow like I am. Good luck! Let's try our best to make it through the day without wanting to hit anyone (not that I'd ever do that)! Holy shit. I just realized I only have five months left of high school... I've been looking forward to being able to slack off (just a little bit) during second semester but now I'm kind of sad. In less than five months I'll be a legal adult as well as a high school graduate guys!!! I'm not sure how to feel about this.
They showed up now! And yes!! The olympics!! It's surely a chance for you! @JustinaNguyen
I went to Seoul this week
Pics and gifs aren't showing up unfortunately...but I remember your post! I'm so sorry that it's off for now, but you'll definitely find a chance! I've been to Japan many times before (as I commented last time) and I'll tell you as much as I can if I get the chance to!!!!
@JustinaNguyen no, i dont see any pics :/
Good luck!! I'm sure you'll get there^^
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