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I've been hearing so much about Seventeen, I checked out Adore U and I really liked it. I want to know more about about this group. comment anything I should know (specially about Joshua) please!
@Keniaaxox Yea he like Chris Brown, Usher, and Eminem too.
@LexTay327 he listens to Tupac? That's shocking! he's a little older than i thought, he looks 16 lol
Besides being very religious, Joshua is from LA and enjoys music from youtubers the most. He enjoys a wide range of music (I almost fell out when he said he listens to Tupac lol😂) and is part of the 95 line. He recently turned 21/22(Korean age)
@Keniaaxox The MAMA Performance was amazing. The dance part of the performance team had me dead on the floor. 😂😂
@Keniaaxox Yea he's Christian , he attended church a lot when he was in America. When he sang at his church , after seeing people being touched by his voice , he wanted to become a singer. And his name Joshua , is based off the name from the bible.
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