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Did you know that that Joong Ki was offered to play Soo Hyun's role in 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun'?! However, he declined due to similarity with his previous role of King Sejong in 'Tree with Deep Roots'. I wonder if Joong Ki ever regrets his decision? The Moon that Embraces the Sun was a national hit, drawing more than 40% of TV ratings. Kim Soo Hyun enjoyed fame and become every household's favorite thanks to the drama. And interestingly, Joong Ki is Soo Hyun's the role model! Soo Hyun said that his acting of King Lee Hwon is influenced by Joong Ki's portrayal of King Sejong. So who do prefer as King in Moon and Sun? Soo Hyun or Joong Ki?
okie tks
@oj1992 if you have time, check out Flower Boy Ramen Shop. he's super cute in there... Or 49 days
nope. this is the first one.
@chasinghapiness Agree. Though I loveeee Song Joong Ki, I wouldn't trade KSH with anyone for this drama. He's perfect! @oj1992 me too why did he have to die!! :(((( But I guess that's the only way to get everyone out of the drama? Do you watch other dramas by JIW?
i totally love the drama except for the ending. How can JIW be speared so cruelly and how can the old prime minister become so fantastic at swordfighting since he just sits on the chair throughout the whole drama ? lol ...
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