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Now that the weather has gotten warmer, i occasionally enjoy biking whenever i get the opportunity, (*_^)
Sweet! X) <3
@blairwitme @cheerfulcallie ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
@blairwitme ....really, you did? nah, thats a great thing b/c it shows how wonderfully close my friendship is to @YinofYang ....awww, you're sooo funny, no need to thank me, no thank you for coming around and as for me, im here on vingle but there are times i disappear too, but rest assure i never forget the ppl i meet and become great friends with rather its next door or across the sea, friendship dont have limitations, its all about comfort and the ppl you meet who makes the most profound impression on you rather its big or small.....i never forget ♥ for you, ive made room for you too, baby girl (*_*) .....
that's wonderful! All this time i thought you were neighbors! Thanks for accepting me together with our other Vingle sisters! it's just so fun hanging around here with you girls~
@blairwitme .....@YinofYang is correct we like to go on imaginary places, we're just having fun on here thats all, lolz...although we havent met yet but we will someday and plus, i call her my "bestie", b/c she is, we met on vingle last year and since then we've been inseparable, its as if we were destined to meet and now that we have its like i cant imagine a better greater friend then her.....we pretty much share everything and have sooo much in common, so ironic to think that i met my bestie over the internet but i did....and of course i met other wonderful ppl too like you (*_^)
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