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It looks like James Bond's house in Skyfall.
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It really does. Of course, now I'm thinking about horror novels. Washington State and Oregon has some amazing houses on cliffs.
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang putting those states in my travel notebook now for future reference, haha
5 years ago·Reply
@carlosdang Excellent. If you ever do go, let me know and I'll give you travel tips and locations to check out.
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang that would be awesome! I'll bother you all the time if I ever decide to visit the States lol
5 years ago·Reply
@carlosdang Please feel free to. (☆^O^☆) I'm always happy to help. And of course if you visit Illinois, we're definitely going to hang out some.
5 years ago·Reply