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Jo In Sung is dating Kim Min Hee!
After Dispatch released photos of Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee going on date, the two agencies confirmed that they have indeed been in a relationship for 4 months! I am happy to see a new celebrity couple but at the same time~ what about my That Winter couple~~~ Hye Gyo /sobssss
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@winterlovesong Supposedly she's dating Hyun Bin (Secret Garden - my first K Drama I watched).
4 years ago·Reply
@Larkspurs OMG really???????????????? Mental breakdown?????????? OMG
4 years ago·Reply
Let me go cry in a corner... Hyunbin....
4 years ago·Reply
Well supposedly they broke up when he went into the service, but he's home now - I'm not sure.
4 years ago·Reply
It's gonna break my heart to see Hyunbin with ANYONE except Ha Ji Won (Secret garden <3) but Song Hye Gyo is lovely too
4 years ago·Reply