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For a last 3 years, I have not lived in a country for more than half a year. I was hop in and hop out of few countries in Europe like a grasshopper, a friend of mine said. When i was in German for a year during my exchange study, me and my roommate (a good friend of mine, who also constantly travelled around the globe) was discuss about this topic. We came to the conclusion that girls would see the guys who are a traveling bug as an attractive men, but would not take relationship with him. One of our conclusion is that : Women while looking for a experience partner who know a lot about life itself, they are also looking for a secure partner who live a stable life, who could support and be with them during hard time. That is why girls would not date or be serious with a travel partner :) So what do you guys think?
@shoenami Heeheehee. You being an adventurous girl, I'm not surprised. Any guy would be lucky to have you, sis! Ohhh, Hawaii...beautiful, breathtaking Hawaii. How I want to explore all the islands there. @Tapsamai Yes, that is true. Asian society is generally different and operates from a different culture, but it's also as you say. I think some things are certainly changing. :) @alise (^_^) Yes, Alise! Go out and travel the world until you're exhausted. See and do as much as you can because there's sooo much in our world to see. I am already settled, but I didn't settle down young. (^_~) And he loves to travel just as much as I do. Bonus! :D
@yinofyang OOOOHH It is so lovely that you also agreed with my opinion !!!! We still young, and free. We stil need to have a lot of travelling to do, a lot of countries to explore. We are the women !! We would not settle down in this early age ;D. There is a quote i really like " There is two thing that you should never chase " The Bus, and Men" . When one goes, another will come right way!" :D
@shoenami heheh yah you sound like want to be an adventurous girl ;D. A friend of mine, she is going to Africa next month for a year. Should I follow her as well? hehehe Really pretty much like Hawaii? OK i would love to come there in spring then!! :)
@yinofyang oooh, that is a serious talk right there :) I agree with you dating is just dating. You would just experience out of everything you could do. But to me for the Asian society, it would be hard. Asians girls or guys tend to settle down in pretty young age. But i think it would change nowadays :)
@Tapsamai YES! I'm such an adventurous girl! I'll definitely explore the world with him.. :) (we'll have to have vaccines before taking the flight though ;)..oh.. and I've been to jeju Island! it's magnificent over there.. very much like Hawaii!
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