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KBS has just released still cuts of Choi Won (LDW) and Hong Da In (SJH)'s first meeting in the drama. It seems that they bumped into each other at a library and didn't have good impression of the other (I bet they start bickering immediately - typical Kdrama lol). Anyhow, I'm still excited for this! It will kickstart TONIGHT woohoo!
@winterlovesong Sooo, did you get to watch it? How was it? I'll have to look to see if it's even available yet with English subs. Oh, yes...I don't know. We just do! :O
@YinofYang definitely not hahah they start bickering right away. Oh idk why I love kdrama even though they always have the same love plot lol
@winterlovesong Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am super, super excited too! Hahaha, I bet it will be. You mean it won't be "Let's be nice to each other and fall in love like normal people?" Thanks for tagging me. Love it!
@YinofYang hey I thought you might be interested in this. It's gonna premier tonight!!! omg