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I think this song is just like today's weather. :') My, how things change The love we thought would last for eternityhas gone away And oh, how I’m over you The plans we had of a little family, those beautiful children will never be and it bothers me, just a little bit I hope that you’ll have kids, I really do They’re probably gonna look just like you Melo(멜로) Anything Like Me Lyrics But they won’t look anything like me Don’t miss your company so please don’t call Don’t miss the sex no, not at all And we’re not gonna get back together But in a word that’s upside down, people running around only thinking of themselves you and I connect, both preaching love, respect and honesty to all of them I’m just afraid I won’t meet someone like you again Now I hear you’re gonna be a mother well, good for you I wish you all the best, I really do But they won’t look anything like me And someday maybe I’ll have some babies of my own But time has shown that they won’t look anything like me I don’t wanna get back together baby, don’t wanna talk it out Really baby, we ain’t got nothing to talk about