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It was shockingly announced yesterday that Yoo Kyung would be leaving A Pink to focus on her education. A Pink are currently preparing for their comeback and this news came to me as a huge surprised. I am not really a fan of them, but seeing any departure kind of saddens me. Furthermore, the vague reason cited by A Cube Entertainment raised much speculation. The company denied rumors that Yookyung had received special treatment to be accepted into university, saying “Yookyung is having the most difficult time right now but there are still rumors about her university admittance. Yookyung went through the same procedure with other students and there was no special treatment.” A tweet suspected to be from Yookyung's father, stating, “Since we live only once, we shouldn’t betray [one another]. It will come back to us like a boomerang. That’s how the world works,” raised question of the real nature of her leaving, whether by force or voluntarily. A Cube Entertainment responded, “It’s something we need to be cautious about. We have to check into this,” referring to the legitimacy of the twitter account (whether it really belongs to Yookyung's father). They then added, "After her leave, rumors are following. We’re just worried for Yookyung with all these baseless rumors floating around.” So, what are your take on this? Do you think she really left to focus on university?
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