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DAMN IT! I fucked up again! I throw my phone at the bed the phone bounces and lands on the ground. I should have just followed her but no~ I had to go and say no. What is wrong with me? If Hyun-Ae was asking and (Y/N) said yes I should've agreed. But then she didn't give me a heads up that we were no longer going to hide.
"AISH!" I ruffle my hair and throw myself backwards onto the bed. I hope she doesn't think that we are seriously over. I reach over for phone and send her a quick text.
"We should go out and just have fun in the snow!" BamBam brightly says.
"Yeah, that sounds like fun." Hyun-Ae smiles.
We were still debating on what to do for the day. So since it's Christmas mostly the families will be at home. The boys decided to go out and have fun, but no one had an idea on where to go. I reach into my pocket for my phone, which had vibrated with a new notification.
*I'm sorry about earlier...*
Is he serious?! Just a sorry text? I get dumped in a video chat and all he has to say is (mentally mocks Jackson's voice) "I'm sorry about earlier." Seriously, this guy doesn't know how to be a man and just tell me in person. UGH! Why does he always show his true feelings when he's far away? Doesn't he know it hurts more when he does that. I feel like I did several years ago when we broke up for the first time.
"Excuse me." I excuse myself from the group and rush over to the bathroom to cry. It's better to let it out than to hold it in.
*Don't worry about it* Awe, I have the best girlfriend in the world!
"JACKSON! SUPPER IS READY!" My mom yells out.
"Coming!" I yell back. I send a quick text to (Y/N) and head out to wash up to eat.
I read the new message and scoff at this idiot.
*I knew you'll get it*
"Yeah, I got it perfectly never wanted to get back together~" I burst out crying again rolling toilet tissue around my hand to blow my nose. "That's why you wanted to keep 'US' hidden, right? I should have see it coming." I blow my nose out and sniffle as I continue to sob away.
"So how's Hyun-Ae doing?" My mom asks while passing me a clean plate to serve my food.
"She's doing really well. She showed me what she received this year for Christmas." I smile remembering the beautiful ear to ear smile she had plastered on her face.
"How's (Y/N) doing?" My dad asks this time.
"From what I know of she's doing really well as well." I smile remembering that I have a beautiful girl waiting for me back in Korea.
"You two got back together?" My brother asks. He was the main reason why I came to China for the holidays. I rarely get to see him because of busy schedules and he has his own life in Australia with his wife; so when I heard that he was going home for the holidays I made a last minute decision to come.
"Awe look at him! He's blushing!" My sister-in-law coos.
"Don't embarrass the kid now." My brother grabs his wife's hand and gives it a small kiss.
One day (Y/N) and I will be like that together, then our family will be complete. Now that will be the happiest day of my life, the day when I'll be able to call (Y/N) my wife.
"So you and Jackson are dating?" JB asks.
We were walking around at a park while the others were playing in the snow. JB had dragged me out of the bathroom and demanded to know what was going on. I figured that I would feel better if I at least told someone and JB was already there so he seemed like the best candidate to tell since he's understanding.
"Well from what happened today we no longer dating." I drag my feet through the snow.
"Okay, okay so you said yes but Jackson said no?"
"And you see that as him breaking up with you?" JB ponders on the thought.
"It's the way he said it, JB; he said it like he didn't care. '(Imitates Jackson's voice) I'm positive that we're not dating."
"I don't think Jackson sounds like that." JB laughs.
I smack his arm. "You know what I mean!"
"(Y/N) in all honesty; you can't be mad at Jackson, and since I know Jackson, you guys aren't broken up."
"What do you mean? He said it himself!"I flail my arms around.
"YOU said your relationship with him was secret, right? Well, Jackson could have just been thinking that it was going to stay hidden."JB does have a point there. "Plus the guy is head over heels in love with you. I mean it was pretty obvious that you two had gotten back together."
"How?" I guess we weren't that good at hiding it...unless...JAEBUM IS A WIZARD!
"No, I'm not a wizard." He laughs.
"DUDE! Stop reading my mind Edward!" JB bursts out in laughter as I jog away coving my ears.
"How do you keep winning?!" My brother exclaims.
"Because I'm awesome."I truthfully say.
Our parents had gone out to spend time together, so the three of us: my brother, his wife,and I; stayed home and decided to play video games. Of course me being the best I would beat him at every game that we own.
"Are you boys done playing? I want to watch a movie."My sister-in-law says.
"Yeah, I think we're done for the night." My brother plops down on the sofa and relaxes his feet on top of the coffee table.
I stretch out causing a yawn to escape my lips. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." I begin to make my way to my room.
"You're going to bed already? It's only eight." My brother points out.
"Well I'm going to give (Y/N) a call then probably go to bed."
"Okay, tell her that we say HI~"My sister-in-law smiles.
"Okay. Try to not make a baby while I'm here."I joke about then leave.
Once I get to my room I jump onto the bed inhaling as I stretch out then exhaling as I sit up. I grab my phone and dial (Y/N)'s number. I should explain to her why I left unexpectedly. I look at my phone screen to check that I'm dialing the correct person. Is she busy?
"The person you are trying to reach is unavailable at the moment-"I end the call before the voice recording finishes.
"I guess I'll try another time." I leave my phone on the bed and go get my clothes to shower.
"I'm going to go make some popcorn for all of us."(Y/N) gets up from the sofa and walks over to the kitchen.
After we spent the day outside we decided to come home after dinner and just have a movie night. Hyun-Ae had fallen asleep on Jaebum's back on the walk back so right now she's sleeping in my room.
(Y/N)'s phone starts to move around as it's buzzing. Jackson's face pops up, "Is that my phone?" (Y/N) asks from the kitchen.
"Ani, it's my phone."I say then press the lock button twice to decline the call. JB looks at me and shakes his head disapprovingly. 'Missed call' appears on the screen. "Hey, is it cool if I borrow your phone really quick?"
"Yeah the password is all zeroes."(Y/N) closes the microwave door and presses start. She walks over to the other side of the kitchen and opens a cabinet.
I unlock her phone and go to her recent calls. "Don't." JB places his hand on my wrist. "Don't interfere with them, Mark."
"Interfere with what? They're not dating."I pull my wrist away and slide the last entry to the left.
"But you know that Jackson loves her."JB places his hand on me again.
"And I love her."I look Jaebum straight in the eyes. "Why can't I get the chance to be with her?" My finger hovers over the delete button. JB sighs then gives a slight nod. I delete the entry.
"OKAY! I'm back with the snacks." (Y/N) hands a bowl to the kids who are laying on the floor with some sodas then sits down between JB and I. "Start the next episode, Yugyeom." Yugyeom presses the X button on the systems controller beginning the next episode of 'Oh My Venus'.
"Ready?" Eun-jin, my co-worker, asks peaking from out of the hallway.
"Yeah."I grab my coat and purse as I leave my office. "Thanks a lot for inviting me to lunch today."
"Yeah no problem."Eun-jin smiles at me.
"The other girls are already getting taxis for all of us."Eun-jin says when the elevator doors open.
"Yoboseyo?"I answer my call while walking into the elevator.
"Hey, sorry I'm running late. I'm on my way to the office right now." Mark says short of breath.
"Are you running?"I ask astonished.
"Ani, stop running. Eun-jin invited me to lunch with her and the girls. I'll see you when I get home, okay?"
"Are you sure?" Mark asks while panting.
"Ne~, I'll see you after work and take a cab back." I end the call before Mark can protest.
"Was that your boyfriend?" Eun-jin asks with a grin on her face.
"He's not my boyfriend." I laugh. "He's just a close friend."
"I don't know~ a friend taking you out to lunch all week; that doesn't seem like just a friend."She playfully nudges me.
"Knock. Knock." Mark peeks his head into my office.
"Hey, what are you doing here?"I look down the hall to see if anyone noticed Mark. "You can't be walking around so carelessly." I pull his hoodie over his head and pull the strings shut.
Mark opens his hoodie up a bit. "I came to take you out for lunch." He smiles brightly. "C'mon!"
"Special delivery!" Mark bursts into the office.
"SH! You're going to get me into trouble." I laugh at his silliness.
"Did you forget how you got this job?"He pinches my cheeks and pecks my nose. "C'mon I'm hungry." He grabs my wrist and begins pulling me to the elevator.
"Where are we going today?" I giggle; it's been so long since I've seen this playful Mark.
"On a picnic!" He pushes the down arrow. "BamBam made all of the food so don't worry you won't be poisoned."
"Wait, I forgot my phone." I turn on my heels.
"Don't worry no one is going to steal it."Mark pulls me into the elevator trapping me in his arms.
"PIZZA DELIVERY!"I barge into (Y/N)'s office to find it empty. I walk inside and place the pizza on top of the desk.
(Y/N)'s phone begins to ring; I pick it up from where it was laying and see who's calling. I press the lock button twice declining the call. Why does Jackson keep calling? Her lock-screen changes to show her notifications. I unlock her phone and delete the entry and the voicemail that just came in. I sit down on the chair behind her desk and wait for her to return. (Y/N)'s phone lights up with a new text from you-know-who. I unlock her phone once again and hold down the message, tap on more, press the trash can icon, then tap Delete Message.
"Hey, what are you doing here?"(Y/N) says from the door.
"I brought lunch."I point to the pizza box.
"Mm pizza!" She walks over to the desk. "Aye, out of my chair." I smile and get out of her chair. "Why do you have my phone?"
I look down at my hand and realize that I had it still. "I was playing a game." I quickly lie.
"I don't have any games on there." She raises an eyebrow.
"And that's why Hyun-Ae is always bored."I joke.
"YAH!" (Y/N) smacks my arm then goes over and sits on her chair. "Does she really say that she's bored?"
"Aniyo, she says that you're really cool." I open the box of pizza.
I pull out the drinks that I had bought on my way here and hand (Y/N) her drink. "What are those?"I point out to the medicine bottle that she had in her hand.
"Oh, these? They're just my vitamins. I forgot to take them in the morning. She shakes the pills out onto her hand then tosses them into her mouth.
"You've never taken them before."I bite into my slice.
"Yeah, I just started taking them recently." She takes a slice out of the box.
"Jackson just go back already. Be there for New Year's with your family." My brother says. We were sitting at the dinner table having an early supper when my brother brought up the topic.
"You are my family."I look at my phone that has not received a single text or call from (Y/N).
"So are Hyun-Ae and (Y/N)."He gives my shoulder a squeeze.
"Why should I go back when she's mad at me for some reason?" Did I do something wrong?
"When was the last time that you spoke to her?"My sister-in-law asks.
"Christmas day." My brother says.
"No, actually I last spoke to Hyun-Ae on Christmas day and I only saw (Y/N)." They nod in understanding.
"So when did you last talk to (Y/N)?"My brother questions.
"Back when it was Hyun-Ae's birthday."
"When was that?"My sister-in-law looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I move my food around the plate trying to avoid the question. "Jackson?" She pushes.
"Like about two to three weeks ago."I keep my head down.
"What?!"She shrieks. "No wonder she won't answer any of your calls or messages! Why haven't you talked to her?!"
"Honey," My brother grabs a hold of her hand. "I'm pretty sure he has a good reason." His wife nods her.
"Well at Hyun-Ae's birthday something happened."I remember back to the party.
"So you had a fight?"My mom asks.
"No, Hyun-Ae said something that surprised us all." Everyone nods their head for me to continue. "On her last birthday wish she wished that Mark and (Y/N) would get married."
"Mark your best friend?"My brother asks; I nod my head. "They like each other?"
"Mark likes (Y/N) but from what I know of was that (Y/N) still liked me; that's why we had gotten back together."
"So why would Hyun-Ae want them together?"My mom asks.
"Because for seven years that (Y/N) and I were apart Mark stayed with her and helped raise Hyun-Ae."
"So that's why you came to China? To get away from that?" My sister-in-law curiously asks.
"No, I honestly came to see you guys." I truthfully say. "I haven't seen you guys in such a long time so when Mom told me that you were coming I got on the next plane available."
"Does anyone back in Korea know that we're here?" My brother asks.
"That's it!"My sister-in-law jumps out from her chair. "(Y/N) probably thinks that you are avoiding her since you haven't spoken to her then you left right before Christmas." She looks proud of her theory. "Tell me exactly what happened in the video call so I can know if I'm correct on the second thing that I'm thinking." She sits back down prepared for a long story.
"Long story short Hyun-Ae asked, out of the blue, if her mom and I were dating because our relationship was a secret Hyun-Ae didn't know; so (Y/N) and I had different responses." My brother's wife moves to the edge of her seat. "(Y/N) had said yes while I said no, and to keep us a secret, like we had agreed on before, I told Hyun-Ae that we weren't dating at all."
"What was (Y/N)'s reaction?"My brother asks.
"She just stayed quiet and then left the room."
"My grandson is stupid."
We look to the end of the table where my parents sat. "Grandmother!" I didn't know she was going to react. She usually stays silent and just listens.
"What you just did was dig your own hole to die alone in." My mom said while cutting into her food.
"I don't understand."I give them my undivided attention.
"I agree, Jackson, you messed up."
"You broke that poor girls heart!"My sister-in-law cries out.
"No I didn't!"I protest.
"Yes you did, she thinks that you guys broke up again." I look at her confusingly. "I know this because I am a girl and we all think alike."
"Agreed." My mom and grandmother say.
"Didn't you break up with her over text last time you two dated?" My brother blurts out.
"You what?!"My mother and sister-in-law shout.
"Now you broke up with her on video chat. You are on a roll." He continues to joke.
"Stop, I already feel bad!" I pick up my plate and put it in the sink.
"Jackson," I stand next to my dad who was still sitting. "son, just go back to Korea and fix things with (Y/N) before it's too late."
"But I came to spend the holidays with you guys."
"Jackson, there's many more holidays to come, but (Y/N) will not always be there." Grandmother says.
"Did you pick up Hyun-Ae from the daycare already?" I was in a cab heading home when I called Mark to make sure he picked up my daughter.
"Yeah, she's here at the dorm with us. Are you going home or coming straight here?"
"Well I'm going home right now to change out of my work clothes, but what are we doing tonight so I know what to change into." I hand the driver his money once I'm out of the cab then head into the apartment building.
"Hold on let me ask." I nod to the front desk employee then make my way to the elevators. "You still there?"
"Yup."I walk into the lift.
"Okay they're still debating." I grab my keys from out of my bag so I won't be searching for them at the door.
I get out of the lift and make my way to my door. Is ìt that hard to decide on what to do? Well now that I think about it I guess it is since we still have the kids with us. I lock the door once I'm inside tossing my bags aside and slipping off my shoes. I wiggle my toes to stretch out from being confined in heels all day. I press the speaker icon and leave my phone on the counter. I go upstairs to my room, grab my towel, and undergarments.
"Still there (Y/N)?" Mark asks when he returns from debating.
"Ne~"I yell out, "what are the plans for tonight?"I walk over to the closet prepared to start looking for my clothes.
"They decided to go to Time Square for the countdown. Is that fine?"
"Yeah that's fine, do I have to go dressed up?" I start looking through my dresses.
"Why would you need to go dressed up?" Mark asks.
"GOT7 is not making an appearance?"
"No, we're just going for fun like the rest of the people will."Mark chuckles a bit.
"Okay, I'll be at the dorm in an hour or less." I push all of the dresses to the back of the closet.
"Okay, call me when you get here."Mark ends the call after I agree then I head to the bathroom to shower.
"Wait for me!"Hyun-Ae shouts as she runs after her oppas.
"HYUN-AE!"(Y/N) yells out when Hyun-Ae slips on the icey sidewalk and smacks her head on the ground. She runs over to her daughter lifting her. "Are you okay?!" (Y/N) tilts Hyun-Ae's head from side to side and sighs in relief when she sees no blood.
"Ne, I'm fine."Hyun-Ae smiles at her mom and dusts herself off.
"Please be more careful you can get seriously injured." (Y/N) runs her thumb against Hyun-Ae's cheek.
"Ne, eommoni." Hyun-Ae kisses her mothers cheek then walks over to BamBam. (Y/N) gets off of her knees and dusts off the little snow that stuck to her stockings.
(Y/N) leans her head onto her right hand as she feels her head pound from the forming headache. "Hey, are you okay?" (Y/N) lets her arm slide down to her side when Mark walks up to her and places his arm around her shoulders.
"Oh?...Oh ne. I''m fine." (Y/N) gives a small smile.
"Hurry up you two we're almost to the restaurant." Yugyeom calls over to (Y/N) & Mark who were a few feet behind.
"Are you sure that you're okay?" Mark was not being easily fooled this time. He had a feeling that something was wrong. "We can go back home if you're feeling sick."
"Ani, I'm fine." (Y/N) began to walk trying to catch up with the others.
*At the Restaurant*
"Are you still not forgiving Jackson?" Jaebum quietly asks.
"What is there to forgive? Did he apologize for something?" (Y/N) takes a bite out of the steamed bun.
"Well you haven't spoken to him since what happened on Christmas." Jaebum plays with the straw that was in his cup. "I mean Jackson only said what he thought was still happening you can't really be mad at him."
"Hurry up and finish eating, Hyung, so we can go stand outside already." Youngjae excitedly says.
"What's with the kids rushing us?" (Y/N) murmurs to herself.
"Ne~,"Jaebum starts to finish his food then stops. "Just think about it before it's too late." (Y/N) sighs and finishes her bun.
I rush over to the baggage claim and wait impatiently for my bags. I look at my watch. "Aish, it's 20 till midnight. I'll never make it on time." I quickly grab my bags when they come by and jog towards the exit.
"OMO! It's Jackson Oppa!"
"Omo, eotteoke?!"
I give a small nod to the fans who were taking photos.
"Oppa! Saranghaeyo!" A fan shouts.
"Nado saranghae." I smile to her.
I walk out of the airport without any issues and get into a taxi dialling JB's number once the taxi is on the expressway.
"Oh, hyung, where are you guys?"
"Oh, we're at Time Square watching the concerts." We were able to get to the front of the audience probably because we had a child. We're all wearing our masks trying to stay warm and hidden. "Ne, everyone is here. Ne." With that the call was over.
"Who was it?" Junior ask.
"It was Jackson." I say putting my phone away.
"Jackson? Where is he?" (Y/N) asks.
"Oh? Oh...he came back, to Korea, just now."
"Mark!" (Y/N) shouts over to Hyung. "Stay with Hyun-Ae. I'll be back." (Y/N) takes off pushing through the crowd.
"YAH! (Y/N)! Where is she going?" Mark asks with a confused look.
"She went to go tell Jackson how she feels." Junior says.
I pat Mark's shoulder when I noticed that his face fell. "I told you not to interfere." I rub his back, "Yah, Hyung, don't cry." I whisper to him.
Wait, if (Y/N) went to go meet Jackson and Jackson is on his way over to meet us then they'll pass each other without knowing. But where is (Y/N) the airport? Either way if they're trying to meet up for midnight neither of them would make it on time to each other. Aish these idiots and their love. I pull out my phone and call (Y/N) first.
"Ye, JB." (Y/N) speaks into her phone out of breath.
"Yah, babo, you're wasting your time. Jackson is on his way from the airport if you go then you'll pass each other. Just come back over here and you'll see him when we go back to the dorm." I try to explain clearly to her. "Arasseo?!"
"Ye, I'm heading back right now." (Y/N) ends the call and shows up in a couple of minutes. "The crowd was too think anyways." She jokes.
"Aish this kid." I pull her to my side and ruffle her hair.
"Is your head feeling better?" Mark asks after a while of standing quietly.
"Oh," I touch my head, "ne, it was probably a small headache." I smile up at Mark. "Yah," Mark looks down, "why are you frowning?" I grab a hold of Mark's face titling it from side to side examining it. "You don't look physically injured." I look deep into his eyes. "Are you internally in pain?" Mark says nothing. "Does it hurt here?" I poke his abdomen. Mark jerks away. "Does it hurt here?" I poke near his underarm.
"Hajima."Mark states.
"Waeyo?" Why is he being like this? "Yah, what's wrong?" Why is he ignoring me? "Mark..." Why does it hurt so much when he ignores me? "Why are you ignoring me?" Why am I on the verge of crying? Ugh, I can't take this. I turn Mark to face me and wrap my arms around his torso embracing him into a hug. "Please, please don't ignore me. I'm sorry for whatever pain I caused you, but I can't, no, I won't have you ignore me."
The countdown begins I'm still holding onto Mark even if his arms are to his side. 'I'm sorry Mark, please forgive me.' I mentally plead as I let a tear fall.
"FIVE..." The crowd shouts.
"(Y/N)" Mark quietly says.
"FOUR!" I look up at Mark not letting go of him.
"THREE!" My heart...why is it pounding so furiously?
"TWO!" I lean my head back against his chest.
Mark lifts my head with his right hand under my chin. "ONE!"
"I love you."
"HAPPY NEW YEARS!" Then it went pitch black with a spotlight on Mark and I. My heart felt as if it was milimeters away from tearing through my chest. Mark pulls me closer to him as the the kiss stays intact. Why do I fell like I'm having my first kiss all over again? My mind is going hectic withh all these emotions flowing through me.
Mark and I finally pull away and I feel buzzed. My brain feels hazzy. "Mi-M-Mianhae." Mark stutters out.
"Aniyo."Yah (Y/N) snap out of it. 'I love you' Mark's words keep repeating in my head. "It's okay...don't worry about it."
"Well," Junior claps his hands together, "I believe that it's time to go home."
"BamBam Oppa I'm tired." Hyun-Ae slugishly walks over to her oppa.
"Okay let's go home and sleep."JB gathers us all up together and we leave Time Square.
*At the Dorm*
"Eotteoke? I'm hungry again."
"Aish, yah maknae you can eat for a whole villiage if you wanted to." Mark jokes as he walks over to the sofa.
"Hyung, do I take Hyun-Ae to your room?" BamBam asks with Hyun-Ae fast asleep on his back.
"Ne, make sure you take off her shoes." Mark flops down onto the sofa and stretches out.
"Movie time!" Yugyeom shouts as he throws himself on top of Mark.
"I can go for a movie right now." Junior sits on the ground.
The front door dings as someone walks in. Those of us who are standing turn towards the entrance. "HYUNG!" BamBam pushes by us and hugs Jackson.
"Hey~"Jackson smiles and returns BamBam's hug. Jackson spots me and walks over to me with a big smile. "I missed you!" Jackson pulls me into a hug causing me to freeze up like a statue. "I'm sorry if you got the wrong feelings over the video call, but I love you." Jackson kisses my still, froze shut lips then frowns when I don't react.
'Eotteoke? I feel nothing.'
"Eomma," I turn away from the stove and lean on the counter to talk to my daughter, "I want to go to the States."
"Deal, we'll go in the summer." I pinch her cheeks and kiss her nose.
"Aniyo, I want to move over"
"I don't want the oppas to see me like this." Her eyes get watery.
"Hyun-Ae you're beautiful they won't think anythi-"
"EOMMA! I'm sick!" Hyun-Ae cries out. My heart tightens...Hyun-Ae. "My hair is gone, I throw up everywhere, I-I-I don't want them to see me like this." I turn off the stove off then walk over to hold Hyun-Ae. "Eommoni, why did I have to be sick?" Hyun-Ae sniffles.
"I don't know, but I know this. You're beautiful, intelligent, warm hearted, and I love you no matter if you're sick or not. You're my beautiful daughter and I'm glad that I had you. I don't love you any less. I love you more and more each second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day." I wipe my tears away and kiss Hyun-Ae's head.
Part 11 with be the final part to Jackson Wang and Part 12 will be a look into the future. Thank you everyone in taking this wonderful journey with me. I love every single one of you.
Hope everyone is excited for the up coming story with all that cast lol I still don't have a name for it.
I thought that Y/N had cancer...? I'm a bit confused but I can't wait for the next chapters. :)
Mark Oppa kissed her!!!! She doesn't feel anything for Jackson!!! Please let her be with Mark!! Omg I can't~ I thought Y/N had Cancer not Hyun-Ae!! Hyun-Ae!!
i may be crying a little from the sneak peak.... i can't breathe at the moment! what's going to happen?
I may or may not have squaled like a little girl when I got the notification for this.
Ajdhwidomg my heart was beating so fast during the count down and I swear it stopped when he said "I love you"!!!! And again when she felt nothing with Jackson!! 😲😲😲 You did an amazing job making it seem like she had cancer..when really is was her daughter!!?!? 😭😭 I'm not ready for this to be over.
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