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According to Dispatch, 'That Winter, the Wind Blows' actor Jo In Sung and actress Kim Min Hee have been in a relationship for nearly four months now. Their relationship was kept hidden and only a few close acquaintances knew about their relationship. And like many Korean celebrity couples, their dates were limited to inside the car and they kept their distance when meeting outside. It was also reported that Kim C, a close friend of Jo In Sung, had been acquainted with Kim Min Hee’s stylist, and vice-versa. The two started dating through these same acquaintances as well. Kim C and Kim Min Hee’s stylist, along with Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee, had held many social gatherings together where they talked about their daily lives. One acquaintance said, “Because it was a gathering with people they were comfortable with, they talked freely. From there, the two showed interest in one another and the relationship deepened naturally.” Although their relationship started four months ago, the two actually met 10 years before, when they were both working as models. It was said that they kept their friendship for nearly ten years before they became lovers. Congrats Kim Min Hee and Jo In Sung!
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