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Argentina 슈퍼쇼5 최고~!!!!! Gracias~ Nos vemos de nuevo ~~Te amo Estamos felices de poder cantar en Argentian ^^!!! Super Show 5 Argentina is the best ~ !! Thanks See you again ~ ~ ~ I love you We are happy to sing in Argentian ^ ^! (16 hours ago) Sorry sorry ㅠㅠ Argentina ~ (16 hours ago) 고마워요 형님~!!!!! 잘~하고 돌아갈게요 ^^ 아시아 슈퍼쇼때는 같이 해요 ㅠ 형이 있어야돼요 ~~@Famous_Jae: @ryeong9 령구 뽜이팅! 다치지 말고 브라더!" thank you hyungnim~!!!!! I will do it we~ll and go back ^^ do the asia supershow together with us ㅠ hyung has to be there ~~@/Famous_Jae: @/ryeong9 ryeonggu fighting! Don't get hurt brother!" (15 hours ago) 누나 ㅠㅠ 밥 먹고 씻고 누웠어요 ㅋ 내일은 칠레 ~!!!!^^ 한국 가면 밥 사주세요 ㅋㅋ"@kijung0805: @ryeong9 장난아니었담서~!?머찌다~령구사마!!ㅋㅋ" noona ㅠㅠ i ate(,) washed up and laid down ㅋ its Chile tomorrow ~!!!!^^ when i go (back) to korea(,) buy me food ㅋㅋ"@/kijung0805: @/ryeong9 its not a joke~!?handsome~ryeonggu sama!!ㅋㅋ" (15 hours ago) RYEOWOOK & ZHOUMI (11 hours ago)