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poor oppa she scared him
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okay i just say the truth not a something heart u
4 years ago·Reply
do what u want to do but i am not scare from u
4 years ago·Reply
ah and something else u just say it ( AMEEN ) for his health and life
4 years ago·Reply
@fatenkamal sorry 2 reply late i just didn't c it in my notifications
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@fatenkamal i just cant blv it was soo easy 4 u 2 say dat death for anyone it doesn't matter even if heis not an idol it shdn't matter it shdn't put out like dat i pray for everyone's good health death iz scary eventhgh we alre all gnna die one day its just smthng shdn't mention like dat think abt it dat was my point anyways i am not in the mood of anarguement so nvrmind k and u always ask for good health and long life for the ppl u love and can't take ppl talking abt thr death soooo easily i hope u understand dat and be more careful next time anyways u 2 tc and be healthy
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