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NFL Playoff Bracket finalized!

OK everyone, we finally get what we've been waiting for! The NFL Playoffs are upon us!

Here's how the seedings and matchups look.


The road to the Super Bowl runs through Denver in the AFC as the Broncos stole the #1 seed from the Patriots.
1st seed: Denver Broncos [first round bye, home-field advantage throughout]
2nd seed: New England Patriots [first round bye]

Wild Card Matchups

(5) Kansas City Chiefs @ (4) Houston Texans - Saturday, 4:35pm ET
(6) Pittsburgh Steelers @ (3) Cincinnati Bengals - Saturday, 8:15pm ET


In the NFC, the 15-1 Panthers take the top spot; to get to the Super Bowl, someone's going to have to beat them in Carolina.
1st seed: Carolina Panthers [first round bye, home-field advantage throughout]
2nd seed: Arizona Cardinals [first round bye]

Wild Card Matchups

(5) Green Bay Packers @ (4) Washington Redskins - Sunday, 4:40pm ET
(6) Seattle Seahawks @ (3) Minnesota Vikings - Sunday, 1:05pm ET
We have some really great matchups in the Wild Card weekend coming up. I'm particularly looking forward to the game between the Bengals and Steelers, divisional rivals who really don't like one another. Each time will fight hard in that one!

Keep your eyes open for some detailed analysis cards that I'll come out with later this week in anticipation of the games.

It's playoff time!!! Are you ready for some football?

Hell yeah!!!!!!!! Also, football fans, the challenge cards for the wild card games are keep coming so make sure to participate in them!
I can't wait!
woooo lets go texans!!!
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