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Lamborghini Gallardo V10 Chris Brown has had customized to look like a Hot Wheels toy car. How Much: Approximately $175,000. According to Cedric Davy, marketing director with Lamborghini Newport Beach in Costa Mesa, California, the car is an older model (between 2004 and 2008). Assuming it's a 2008 model, he tells omg!, the vehicle probably cost around $145,000, but once you add the Hot Wheels-themed wrapper, tinted windows, after-market rims and wheels, and the customized interior Brown splurged on, you're looking at a higher price tag. Brown -- who totaled his pricey Porsche in February -- tweeted over the weekend that he had been working with Corona, California-based shop West Coast Customs to create the “insane custom car.” Why It's Completely Over-the-Top: Because it's a Lamborghini! "This is not a car you have a need for, it's a car you have a desire for," says Davy. "It's a going out to dinner or to the club car." Lamborghinis have a unique Formula 1-style "paddle-shift" gear box located at the steering wheel, to give drivers more of a race car experience. They go from from 0 to 62 mph in less than four seconds and top out at just over 200 miles per hour. cr;yomg
@takashi02 yeah.. I agree.. well, that's his "young money".. I guess he can do whatever he pleases to
@shoenami the car looks like a hot wheels toy. Kinda sad what he turned it into but I guess that's his style lol
@gixxerguy83 lol I may want the car.. but not how it turned out to be XD @blairwitme yep.. not only coz of this car
@gixxerguy83 I think the car is not thad bad either, but I agree with @shoenami Chris Brown tends to act so childish sometimes >.<
he's childish cuz he has a car that you dream of having its called being a hater u ask me
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