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Don't tell me I am the only person that remembers this!

No, I can not be the only one! Someone tell me, what do you think the worst video game movie is?! @paulisadroid @InVinsybll And the rest of the Vingle community! Don't leave me hanging GT HEXEDVIXEN
I own that movie xD maybe I like those cheesy video games made into movies movies lmao Cuz I liked the first Blood Rayne the others? Eh...
@InVinsybll The worst part about that....in all its cheesiness, still no cockadoodledoo!
I might be one of 1000 people in the world who owns it on DVD. XD I still love the awkward quirkiness and the off-key wrongness of the whole thing. (I also love the Ice Age credits for their little nod to this previous Leguizamo film!)
Assassin's Creed: Lineage, not the major picture coming out this year.
@CadoAngelus The Assassin's Creed movie hasn't even released yet.
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