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In A Relationship With Kris- Part 2

I made the fluff extra fluffy and the smut extra smutty for you guys. Enjoy!!!!
It was during mid-night when your phone rang making you jump out of bed landing hard on the ground.
“Ow…” you groggily rubbed your pained bottom before reaching for your phone.
Glancing only to see it was your best friend you frowned, “do you know what time it is?”
“I was worried,” she mumbled.
“What?” You asked confusedly.
“You didn’t hear?” She asked her voice almost shocked.
“Hear about what?” You impatiently asked.
“About Kris’ dad,” she replied, “h-he got another heart-attack and is no longer with us-”
With that you hung up, shuffling off the ground you grabbed your jacket and raced down the stairs and out the door. Without another thought you ran to the SM building. It was late but you knew you had to find Kris and knowing him, he would not be at the dorms. As soon as the front doors opened you raced up the stairs and checked every room, empty.
“Aish,” you groaned ruffling your somewhat damp hair from the light rain. “Where could he be?” You thought out loud.
You thought carefully about your boyfriend. You and Kris were complete opposites and but nevertheless you absolutely loved each other. He’d always tease you; you could handle the teasing because you would tease him back causing him to get defensive really quit. Not like it was easy to even come up with a comeback when it involved him. He was just freakishly tall, and gorgeous, and perfect. You two had the best time despite it though.
“Oh please Kris…” you were really worried now. His dad had been sick for a while and you knew just how much his dad meant to him. Hearing that his father was gone, you knew Kris would be devastated. You rubbed your face in frustration giving up as you unknowingly walked towards the roof top but you stopped when you heard soft sniffling around the corner.
You stopped and shrunk in place, hearing his soft sniffs and his short breaths hurt your heart. Inside your head you have a battle in your mind about whether you should actually leave him alone. Your worried side won again. You leaned up against the wall and took a deep breath before you turned the corner ready to approach him.
“Don’t come any closer,” he ordered. “I’m warning you, don’t.”
“Warning me, from what?”
He stayed quiet not sure what to say, “Kris, I’m-”
“I don’t need your-”
“Sympathy?” You answered for him. “I’m not here to give it to you. I’m… Kris, I’m worried about you.” You gave in to your stubborn heart and confessed to him.
He gave a weak laugh, “Baby not know please...”
But you weren’t smiling now nor were you planning to lie to him, “I’m serious, I am worried about you Kris. I was afraid of what you’d do, and right now you’re doing exactly what I was afraid of.”
“What?” He questioned getting lost from your question.
“Don’t push the people who care away from you when they want to be there for you, Kris. Don’t push EXO away… don’t push me away.”
Kris refused to look at you, and you frowned with a heavy sigh, “Alright, I get it. You want to be alone, just don’t... -just get some rest and put some ice on your eyes before going to bed or they might swell even more in the morning.”
“Wait, where are you going?” He asked when he grabbed your wrist as you were about to walk away.
You turned back and finally saw his slightly red eyes that shattered your heart, “My phone will be on if you need me, but I think you should call EXO first, they’re worried about you.”
“No, I’ll text them, but…” he hesitated searching your eyes. “Stay,” he whispered not pulling from your gaze. “Please, as a request, stay with me.”
You nod and join him on the roof. You place his head in your lap and massage his hair. Kris tries to hold it in but in seconds his body is rocking with tears. Your soft voice comforts him quieting him down to a whimper. “I know how much it hurts baby… it’ll be alright. We just have to keep moving forward. You have to make your dad proud.”
Kris sniffled. “Aigoo…how do I look now as a man? Sitting here quiet while my beautiful angel comforts me like a child.” He laughs at his own statement. Suddenly serious, he grabs your hand with his and holds it to his face.
Then in a quiet voice he whispers that seems loud in the silent night he whispers, “Promise me you won’t ever leave….please.” He looks up at you with sad and pleading eyes.
Your heart bursts at his words. “I will never leave…for as long as you live and breathe I’ll be there for you.” You can’t stop the tears now. You hurry to wipe them but Kris stops you.
“Did I make you cry?” He wipes your tears. “Oppa’s sorry baby.” He grinned and you noticed he was teasing you again.
“Kris!! You’re so- ugghhhh!!” You smack him and stand preparing to leave.
Kris grabs your arm and pulls you close placing a kiss on your head. “I love you.”
You try to hide your smile. “Whatever...” you reply walking off.
You turned back seeing Kris’ shocked face. “Yah!! Are you serious? I said sorry baby. Aiishh….” He said laughing as he followed you inside the building.


“I’m sorry, okay?” Kris gently begged, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears.
“Kris, an apology isn’t enough okay” you turned away from Kris’ hold.
“Where are you going?” Kris panicked.
"I'm leaving remember?" You walk down to his dorm and he follows you pleading for you to forgive him.
“YAH!” you screamed when Kris lifted you up bridal style and practically threw you on the bed. “Kris what are you doing?” you hesitated.
Things were escalating quickly. You were soon trapped under Kris, who was trailing quick kisses under your jawline.
Kris flicked his wet tongue along the side of your jawline, making his way up toward your ear. “You said that my apology wasn’t enough…” he whispered huskily.
Shivers ran through your spine as you heard Kris’ deep breathing.
His hands snaked under your shirt and touched your sides lightly with his fingertips. You felt slight goosebumps form on your skin where his fingertips had traced.
He was teasing you by barely touching you. It drove you insane. You were about to come out of your skin, when he whispered seductively in your ear
“My actions will speak better than words…” Kris pressed his lips against yours.
Every nerve. Every function was gone. You had succumbed under Kris, and was fully immersed in his passionate kisses.
Your eyes immediately shut, relishing the feel of his lips. You reached out and ran your fingers through his blond hair.
Kris took your bottom lip, and sucked it, making you moan into the kiss. He loved how he could feel your moans escape your mouth and tickle his tongue. He reached higher going under your bra and squeezed your covered breasts with his large hands.
At that exact moment you gasped arching your neck, and he took that opportunity to dive his tongue deeper into your mouth. His tongue ventured your hot cave, and left nothing untouched.
Both of your tongues fought a short battle, which Kris effectively won.
Your head was in a whirl, and you were literally drowning in your smoldering make-out session with Kris. You pulled away from the kiss panting hard.
Kris stared at your flush face and smirked. “We’re just getting started baby."
He quickly stripped you of your shirt and pants, leaving you clad in your underwear. Kris eyes roamed over the entire length of your body, taking in every single detail.
You stared back at him growing embarrassed, "What?” you questioned.
“You’re so beautiful” he whispered kissing your torso while rubbing his hands all over your sides.
“You’re so unbelievably beautiful, do you know that?” Kris mumbled against your skin.
“Kris…” his words made you weak. You reached out to grab his shirt, but he pulled away.
“Ahhh Let me baby~” he cooed. Kris licked his way up from your belly button to your chest. He kissed and sucked the exposed skin while unhooking your bra and throwing it somewhere in the room.
Kris took one of your breasts immediately into his mouth, moaning at the feeling of how soft your mounds were. He suckled and flicked your nipple continuously, and occasionally took it between his teeth and bit it. Your other breast received the same amount of treatment except with his hand. He would roughly squeeze and pinch your nipple with his fingertips, then rub the hard nub with his thumb.
Kris could feel you under him, arching your body unconsciously for more. But your response wasn’t enough.
He trailed down lower, kissing your hips while he quickly disposed of your underwear. He pried your legs open, dipped his head and breathed heavily on your sex. “Oh my God Kris…”
“Shhh… just enjoy it." With his tongue exposed Kris licked up the length of your sex. You threw your head back, clutching the bedsheets harshly.
Kris ate you out roughly, sucking and flicking his tongue against your clit adding more and more pressure. Your hips dipped back, and Kris took that opportunity to shove his tongue in you.
"Damn Kris” you moaned out loud, feeling his tongue caress your walls.
“Mmm" The way his name would slip out of your lips turned Kris on even more. He quickened his pace moving his tongue in and out, while rubbing your hard clit with his fingers.
You were a moaning mess; back arching off the bed, hands gripping tightly to the bedsheets. "Fuck” you moaned loudly. He even made you swear which wasn't surprising at all.
Kris flicked his tongue at the spot. “KRIS!” you yelped, unable to control the intense pleasure that one spot gave you.
Kris gripped your hips to steady you as he roughly moved his tongue in and out of you in an inhumane speed.
“… Kris I’m gonna come…” Without warning Kris shoved two fingers into you, scissoring you relentlessly.
“Dammit Kris” you hissed feeling a slight pain, but was soon overtook by pleasure as he curved his fingers upward.
Your walls were squeezing his fingers, and he knew you were coming. Suddenly, he took his fingers out just before you were able to come.
“Kris, you whined” pouting your lips in disappointment.
He laughed and kissed your lips. “You taste so fucking good babe” he replied seductively.
“Shut up” you retorted, pulling him down on top of you. You wrapped your legs around his lower back and grind yourself on his covered bulge.
“Fuck” Kris moaned. “You’re such a tease you know that?” he whispered, as you grind harder against him.
“Then show me what you got baby~” you smirked, kissing him passionately on the lips.
“My pleasure~” Kris took off his shirt, revealing his milky skin.
You licked your lips as your eyes roamed his body; his wide shoulders, muscular arms, and lean abs.
“Like what you see?” Kris smiled.
“Not yet” you practically rip off his jeans and underwear in one go, “Now I like what I see” you smiled.
Kris looked down at you sprawled on the bed, your hair in a mess fanning around your face. Your tainted blushed cheeks and the smoldering look in your eyes. Every thing about you was inviting. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He needed you. He wanted to make love to you so bad. Wanted to make you realize how much he actually loves you…
Kris spread your legs and rubbed his hard cock against your soaking wet clit. “Oh baby~” he moaned, “You’re so wet for me.” He continued to rub against your folds lubricated his member with your juices.
“Kris stop teasing me…” you whined. If Kris wouldn’t stop, you would have come right then and there.
Kris leaned his forehead against yours, “Are you ready?"
You nodded, smiling back at him.
Kris slowly pushed himself inside you. "Fuck… You’re so tight. Ahh~” Kris moaned.
You gripped tightly at his shoulders, “Kris ugh~."
It wasn’t your first time making love, but every thing about that moment made it seem like the first time.
Kris pushed all of himself inside of you, looking down at your expression.
You had bitten your lips trying to suppress your moans.
"You can move” you whispered, holding onto him even tighter.
Kris took himself out completely, and shoved his cock roughly back in. You arched your back in response, bitting down your lips harder.
“Baby... moan for me please” Kris begged, pumping in and out of you faster.
“Ugh!” you let a moan slip from your lips.
“That’s right, moan for me- moan for me~”
“Kris!” you yelped when he reached in front of you and rubbed your clit with one of his hands.
“Ah~ Good girl… Moan my name just like that~" Kris continued to pound your hole mercilessly.
"Shit baby, it feels so good… You’re so hot~” Kris grunted feeling how soaking wet your hole was. He rocked his hips faster, lifting your hips higher to hit a different angle.
“AH KRIS!” you screamed. Your body shuttered with uncontrollable pleasure. He had found your G-spot.
Kris kept the exact angle, pounding you harder.
Moans, grunt, skin slapping, and heavy breathing filled the entire room as both you and Kris were in ecstasy.
Kris leaned closer to you and kissed along your neck. “Mine.” he mumbled breathlessly against your skin.
He continued to pound even faster while mumbling against your ear, “Mine.”
“You’re all mine. Your body, your heart, everything, you. All mine~" Kris pace slowed, but became more sensual and penetrated your spot deeper as he efficiently rolled his hips back and forth.
"Kris…” you wrapped your arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.
“Baby I love you, don’t you ever think otherwise…” He locked lips with you again in a passionate kiss. He held onto your body even tighter, quickening his pace once again.
“Kris I-I-” you tried to speak, but the pleasure was too strong.
“Come for me baby~” he moaned into your ear.
Your walls were tightening around him. His cock was pulsating inside of you as well. He was close too.
“Fuck baby. Come for me so good~” Kris pounded you harder.
“Ah!!” With one more thrust you and Kris came hard, bodies twitching and glistening in a layer of fine sweat. Kris slowed his pace, helping both of you ride out your orgasm.
Kris gently got out of you, and laid down beside you. He pulled you closer to him, letting you rest your head on his chest.
“Kris… I’m sorry for snapping so easily before…It just you're such a tease” you said, listening to his steady heartbeat.
“Shh, it’s okay. We made up already right?” Kris smiled looking at your sleepy expression.
“Ha, yup. We did.” you replied meekly as sleep started to take you over…
“You know, we should fight more often if this will be the result of it…” Kris teased.
You smacked his shoulder gently, “Goodnight Kris”.
“Goodnight baby.”
Well that's all folks!! I have to say this took a whole lot longer than I thought I would so I just want to thank all of you for reading and commenting. You guys are awesome!!! I still haven't decided on what group I want to do next so we'll see what happens.
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I'd love if you could do BIGBANG, GOT7, or BTS.
i vote for BTS next!
You should do BTS, Big Bang, Boyfriend, or B.A.P next!!!! These were really awesome!!! I have to say that I'm more of a fan of the fluffy ones cx
have u done bts yet??? I'd not then u should do them lol
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It took a half hour before I could leave my apartment and head off to work. I made Dark chocolate cupcakes first when I got into work. I was in a happy mood as I listened to my music and worked on cupcakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters. I was sipping on my third cup of coffee for the morning when I heard the jingle of the front door open. He was here. Looking up I saw him dressed in a dark green shirt and basketball shorts, he had a hat on and a mask over his face which looked oddly like he was trying to hide. Who was this guy? “Hello, good morning, how can I help you?” I asked as I watched him take his mask off. “Coffee” he said that one word. “Okay” I nodded. I got him a coffee and along with it set a mini cinnamon roll next to his coffee. “An extra boost of sugar should help with completing the last 3 miles today” I grinned at him. “ Thanks” he said. “I’m Tasha by the way” I said out of the blue. For some reason I felt I should introduce myself to him. “Min” He said which made me laugh. “Min? I questioned “Is that short for something?” I asked “Yes” he stated. “Well I feel honored to get a nickname than” I chuckled. “Or is it a last sur name?” I asked. The questioned got ignored and he asked a question back. “Is Tasha short for something?” He asked. “Anastasia actually. Yea my mom was into that whole story about the girl finding her real parents and having this big adventure” I explained. “She wanted me to have an adventure and make it through tough times” I said. “And have you lived up to that name?” he had a teasing smile on his face that made me chuckle. “Well I have lived up to getting through tough times” I said. “But adventure hasn’t quite kick in yet” I added. “Well you never know what will happen” he teased. “Well Min, have you had any adventures in life yet?” I asked him making him smile, a genuine smile that crinkled his eyes. “I’ve seen the world” He said. “Well at least visited a lot of places” he added as if there was hidden meaning behind that statement. “Oh that sounds like a story” I leaned on the counter towards him. “Maybe a story for a different day” he said. “So how about the playlist yesterday? Did you like it?” He asked changing the subject. “Oh yes, got my blood pumping with Fire!” I said. “I heard it about 5 times yesterday, some girls saw they missed it on in the morning and wanted to replay it” I told him. “Ah, so did you think of me every time it played than?” he asked. “Oh yes, totally thought of the mysterious guy who came in at the beginning of my day” I grinned. “I’m glad you did” He said. “And today I have a name for the mysterious man who came in yesterday” I said. “Well this mystery man of yours needs to head out. I still have half my run left and than I have to get to work” He said. “And what does Min do for work?” I asked. “Another mystery for another day” he grinned standing up from his seat. “Well mystery man you have a lot of secrets” I said. “Are you an open book than, girl who makes cupcakes?” He arched a brow. “Is that all you got? I make cupcakes?” I arched my own eyebrow. “And really good cinnamon rolls” He said. “Well thank you” I stuttered. “I’ll see you later Anastasia ” He said leaving the store. So what do you think? the next part will be up tomorrow and a suprise in store for it lol Im Tagging BTS list this time too, please comment and let me know if you would like to be tagged for the story if you arent on my fam tag list yet. would be happy to add you :) Fam tag! 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