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Let's play a game! Everyday I'm gonna ask you guys who you would prefer to date! For today, imagine if both Kwangmin and Youngmin ask you out, who would you accept? And no no no you can only choose one :P
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girl you are so cruel to make me choose only one.... urrrrrggggg youngmin?
I would likeYoungMin better
@winterlovesong haha really? I'll try to come up with older idols next time~ how about Yonghwa vs. Jonghyun? http://www.vingle.net/posts/134036 @chasinghapiness sorry :P @HYoYi2 oooh why do you prefer him?!
@dreamgirl I prefer him becuz he is cool n he is much nicer than kwangMin also YoungMin love 2 joke around
Kwangmin but I never figured out why I liked him more than youngmin and I even spent like an hour thinking about it sad but true