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Remember: Stay In The Lines.

Bad parking jobs can get really obnoxious, especially when you're trying to find somewhere to fit in an already pretty packed lot. It seems like this person not only got a little peeved, but found a pretty turtley way to give this driver an education.

Have you guys ever left a note to a bad driver? Have you ever received one?

I've had it happen to my friends before, but the only times I've ever received a note on my windshield was when someone accidentally dented my parked car. (Fortunately, it wasn't THAT bad.)
that's polite way to warn someone.. good job but...not everyone have the patience to do that!.. Where ever I park my car, I will try to adjust it even it take too long fo me..
@petname83 I hate when carts aren't put back properly, ESPECIALLY if it's blocking a space I could be using!
I've yelled at a person for leaving a cart free floating in the middle of the parking lot, and at other ppl for almost running me over, but I've never left a note
I want a turtle!
@Danse those are actually perfect. I need to buy a couple hundred.
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