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So @thepinkprincess did a screenshot game it looks fun here are my results ^.^ if you want to play >here<
My best friend is V! I can already see the good times we would have. ^.^
My brother is J hope! Can i have J hope as my real brother my brother is really annoying ^.^ but i feel like he would be a great brother always there to make me smile.
Well...I was shocked when i got Jimin as my admirer. ^.^
Ah i was hoping suga would be my boyfriend but I'm happy to have Rap monster as my boyfriend ^.^ if only he was my real boyfriend haha.
That kinda weird my boyfriend is also my stalker...wonder how that works out.
Tbh i would be awkward with any of the boys.
@TiffanyBibian maybe you insulted his cooking?
poor thing, what did you do to jin huh? lol
This looks fun.I think I should try it.Why Jin u enemy?
@ChelseaJay that's what I want to know πŸ˜‚
i have been seeing this everywhere maybe I should do it heh
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