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oh-em-gee , i like this song and i love the way Micky sang this.. goosebumps!
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Oh my why didnt you tell me that he's one of the JYJ? (Nah, im just kidding) im loving mickey more. Thanks. We both look great. :)
Heeheehee. Yes, he is great. He's also come so far in dramas.
this is the first video that (again) i accidentally saw in utube. i think it was in march, i only knew micky as a good actor from Rooftp prince. sungkunkwan scndal, ms ripley & missing u. and then i saw this!!! i was thunderstruck (as in mega!!!) and i saw more.. how good he is in dancing together w/ jyj!!! AWESOME!!!
Welcome back sis hannah. As in thunderstruck (love it) i got addicted to him when i saw this.
Yay i accidentally used my other account. I dunno how to deactivate it.