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by Mistress Siren He was all I ever wanted He was all I ever needed He was all crazy, bad fun He was all insane for me He was all I loved, forever He loved me with my scars He loved me with my cracks He loved me and cared too He loved me and calmed me He loved me, then nothing My insanity freed My insanity woke My insanity lived My insanity heard My insanity screamed My insanity roared My insanity rushed My insanity broke My insanity pained My insanity grew The Joker to my life The Harley to his life The Joker too crazy The Harley too insane Harley, Joker, deadly
Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my poetry! If you want to be tagged when I post something new let me know in the comments! I hope this didn't sound really repetitive, because I was trying something different, but let me know what you think!
I liked it plz tag me for the next one
@AnimeFan4Evr thank you! And of course. 😄