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Ok I gotta say this. Clare is definitely one of my new favorite characters. Not only is she a badass female, she's not oversexualized or stereotypical at all! Her journey is engrossing from the very beginning and seeing all her struggles and her growth is awesome. She's initially the weakest claymore (half human half yoma or monster) but she gets stronger and stronger each day. She almost became a fully awakened yoma twice and she was brought back! She did have help yes but that has to take a lot of will and a strong spirit! The best part is her relationship with this boy she meets named Raki.
Raki is an amazing character as well. He and Clare are two of a kind, having suffered through the same tragedies with their brothers being yoma who murdered the rest of their families and they were both shunned and cast out in fear by their respective villages. It's amazing how they both change each other and make each other stronger. Clare quickly warms up to raki when he professes that he would rather die with her than leave her, more than once. It's such a beautiful relationship and they grow to be friends and hopefully even more than that.
love me some claymore
Loved this anime wish they would have another season
@tculver1405 I understand since he did end up with a create of the abyss
I saw this anime two years ago and to this day I wish Raki could've had a bigger role or something insane like growing up to kill Claymores or something huge but the anime itself is still great lol. @NikolasSatterwh
I definitely recommend checking out claymore which is the series they're from. I know @VinMcCarthy also talked about claymore before too so thanks to him I got into it
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