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Who says Lee Min Ho of Faith is a blunt person? The series proves that he is a master of hugging Kim Hee Sun from behind and capturing female fans’ hearts. On the October 23 episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith, Choi Young (played by Lee) told Eun Soo (played by Kim) about his sword while hugging her from behind. They put their chest and shoulders close and shared their feelings. A person who saw the scene said, “Choi Young looks blunt but he has hugged Eun Soo from behind five times. Whenever I see him embracing her, my heart beats so fast.” Choi Young has been hugging Eun Soo from behind ever since the first episode. He catches her and saves her by hugging her from behind. He also teaches her how to use a sword while standing behind her. When Eun Soo cries, Choi Young comes to her and embraces her with his broad shoulders. People responded: “The hugging scene is more thrilling than the kissing scene.” “I want Lee Min Ho to appear in a melodrama no matter what.” “He makes my heart beat so fast.” “He is a man among men.” The last twenty-ninth and thirtieth episodes of the series will air on October 29 and 30. Source: Xportsnews - Oct.25, 2012
Love all scenes when they're together....
ohh yeah Deajang was so manly and romantic!!! and expression his eyes!! i killed me it!! i miss faith and imja couple!!!