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This picture is absolutely sick!!! Credit to whoever made this.

Hello there BIGBANG Community Members. Welcome to 2016. On behalf of the BB Community Mod Squad, I would like to say how excited I am for all the neat things we have in store for all of you in the coming quarter.

The purpose of this card is to compile a Master Tag List for the Moderator Crew. If you want to be tagged in all official BIG BANG community cards (cards published by the mod team members for official community-related news and business), PLEASE comment below to let us know to add you to the Master Tag List.

I'm tagging my usual list... however, just because I'm tagging you on this card does not mean you will be added to the MASTER tag list. You still have to comment below, that you wish to be tagged in Official BIG BANG Community Cards.

We don't want to tag anyone who would prefer we left them alone.

On the flip side, if you're not already a member of our awesome little community of BIG BANG fangirls and boys, and you wish to be, come join us! We're pretty freaking cool and we don't bite... often.

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i would love to be tagged
2 years ago·Reply
Tag me please <3
a year ago·Reply
please tag me
a year ago·Reply
Please tag me!!!
a year ago·Reply
Kwonnie TAG ME
a year ago·Reply