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Psy is to donate approx. 500,000 USD to child cancer patients, drawing from Gentleman's profits and his own money. He sees this as a way to repay his fans for their support, stating “The love that’s big as the sky that I get from my fans is very heavy. Of course I’m going to keep giving back with good music, but I also want to lead in donating continuously and work hard for those who are neglected in the world.” This is not Psy's first time to support a good cause. Previously, he participated in Rotary International’s “This Close” public health awareness campaign for polio eradication. It seems that he has been brought up and inspired by the work of his late grandfather and father who had made substantial contributions to charities. Such a gentleman indeed! This side of him is so different than the one that we see in Gangnam Style and Gentleman.
@yukias @chasinghapiness agreed! This is so different from his image on stage. Good job PSY!
impressive. who could have known that psy grew up with such background.
its great to have people that are so generous with their money! (: that is so many kids lifes getting changed, (: